Someone asked me today why I was wishing the month of August away. The simple answer?

Because I hate August.

Historically, it's never been a good month for me. August signaled the end of the Summer vacation, the beginning of long practices on the concrete slab in the Florida heat, and worst of all, the start of school. August meant the end of fun summer nights, and the beginning of 5:30am wake up calls. Nights out with friends were replaced by nights spent doing homework and writing essays. WHO in their right mind would enjoy any month that brought all the crap?!

This August, in particular, has been especially terrible. Nothing went the way I wanted it to, and I felt like everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. I understand not everything can go your way, but hot damn, a little bit would have just fine with me. I've heard of people hating the month of January, and I understand that. January is like the Monday of the year. But to me, August is like the never-ending Thursday; the kind that feel like they last all week long, with no end in sight. Yes, you know good things are on the other side, but damnit, getting there is going to be no easy battle. I was ready to give up two weeks ago and just have someone wake me when September started. I was promptly called Ohmy-emo-i. Thanks.

At a party on Saturday night, a friend and I were comparing terrible months (his was July) and he told me that he had a good feeling for me, and that Saturday was my turning night. I tried to keep that outlook in mind as I went into the week, and I like to think it worked. That being said, I'm excited for the month to end, and to shake this month off and move on to September. I happen to have almost a full week of fun activities planned starting tomorrow, which I like to think is nature's way of helping me celebrate.

In 30 minutes, this dreadful month will be over. I'll wake up in the morning, and August of 2010 will be a thing of the past. New month, new hopes. Don't let me down, September.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    My fingers are crossed that September is an incredibly successful New Start. I mean, it brings the promise of weekly college and REAL Pro Ball games. That's incentive for monthly awesomeness right there.

  2. P Says:

    I'm not really a big fan of August either, although this one wasn't too bad for a change.

    Here's to a much better September though!

  3. melanie Says:

    come back to blogging!

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