It's hot here. SUPER SUPER HOT. Like, not even this hot in Florida, hot, and at least there you can escape to the pool in on the back porch, or the BEACH which is only 45 minutes away (and then you can pick up some Frozen Gold on the way home!)

But here, there's nothing. No New Smyrna Beach, or sparkling pool to stay cool in. And what makes it worse is that most of us have to rely on WMATA and their less than stellar service which means waiting outside for a bus that may never come, and if it does, then it might not have air conditioning....
That "feels like 99" number is a LIE I tell you! It's at least 100 degrees and feels like HELL ON EARTH.

102 on Tuesday...just thinking about it makes me sweat.

Remember when DC looked like this, and we were all like OMG!:
Yeah, me neither.

I miss you, Snowpocalypse.

"Yeah. Age is a bitch..."


"...I better not see this on your facebook, twitter, or blog..."