Was my last post confusing enough for you? Yeah, sorry about that. I had to go light on details to avoid more catastrophe, and I had had just enough wine to fuel an emotional driven post. Ah, Friday nights.

So it's Tuesday, May 4th. Um...holy crap 2010 is almost half-way over. It's been almost a year since I graduated, and I've gone absolutely nowhere with my life. Do you know how incredibly depressing that is? I find myself getting overly-excited about finding 40 cents in my bed. Most days are spent tooling around the internet, willing myself to get up and workout, and doing absolutely nothing. But hey, at least I'm not out spending money, right? Except those days I go to lunch, or dinner, pick up a starbucks, or grocery shop. Those are the days I think "I have PLENTY of money in my bank account!" and then promptly freak out and hole myself in my house for the next two days because I'M BROKE. It's a vicious cycle. Oh to be me.

I'm in that point of my life where it's always wedding season. So let's talk for a second about that. Why is it that there are so many damn rules when it comes to weddings? Why does it matter whether you give the gift before the wedding or after? Why are there certain "price" codes you have to follow? Is it acceptable to give the gift in a bag? They sell wedding gift bags, so why wouldn't it be? Do I buy only from the registry, or do I branch out and get them something else in addition? I have decided though, that I need to get married ASAP. The loot these people come out on the other side with is ridiculous. I'll gladly take six months of wedding planning headaches in exchange for a kitchenaid mixer and some other shiny new toys. Not to mention the gorgeous wedding photos. So not fair, you engaged people have all the fun!

In other news, I'm still unemployed. I still have my "part time nannying" gigs, which keep me afloat for now, and have provided some pretty sweet opportunities (hello England! I'm comin' for you in a few weeks!) but I really wish I had something a little more...valid. Hear of opportunities in the Advertising/PR/Anything business? Because I'M AVAILABLE!

Anyways, I've spent way too much of my time being productive here, so I'm off to will myself out of bed and perhaps even shower. Try not to be jealous of the lifestyle I lead.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that the job hunt is falling flat but AM a little jealous of the free time... I wish there were a happy medium between workaholic & unemployment!

    And re: weddings, NO KIDDING. I had one last one & two this month to attend. I almost always give gifts cards to restaurants as gifts & write in the card that it's so the newlyweds can go on a date night! I think married couples tend to put their money into other things - debt, mortgage, etc. - & forget to keep the romance alive, so I hope this comes off as not just cheap but also thoughtful. ;)

  2. Auburn Kat Says:

    You probably don't want to hear this but someday you are going to look at this period of your life and laugh=)

    Keep looking for jobs, some companies are finally starting to hire. It's tough out there, believe me I know because I've been looking to move for awhile and it's still just not happening because I can't find another job.

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