Today, I am Little Miss Grumpy. I have this little raincloud following me around, raining on my parade. Let's go over why:

  • It's been cold, rainy, and gray for two days straight now.
  • The Orlando Magic lost Game 1 and are about to lose Game 2.
  • I'm the only one that seems capable of filling the Brita water filter in my house. And it's always empty when I want some water.
  • I've been expecting a phone call for days, and it still hasn't come.
  • I didn't workout today, even though I should have, and I had no reason not to, except that I just didn't feel like it.
  • The money I deposited on SATURDAY, still hasn't showed up in my bank account yet.
  • I'm broke, broke, broke!
BLAH!! I'm just so GRUMPY!
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2 Responses
  1. Mandy Says:

    The weather has definitely been affecting my mood too. I hope that rain cloud finds disappears soon. Sending hugs your way.

  2. Auburn Kat Says:

    Your comment about always having to fill the brita reminded me about how I LOVE not having roommates anymore!!

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