I'm on a self-imposed house arrest for the time being. Mainly because I have no money...like none at all. Last week, when the new and improved Social Safeway opened, I could hardly contain my excitement. I intended to go and "just take a look around", fully intending to do just that. Let me just take a second and discuss how amazing and beautiful this new Safeway is. It's huge, it's got a sushi bar built in, a temperature controlled wine cellar, a wine bar, a Starbucks, a Suntrust, a nut bar, a huge produce section, a gelato bar (!!), the people who work there are absolutely delightful, so many more awesome things, and a genius marketing department. Who rents out the empty store across the street from Whole Foods, just to deck it out with ads for the Safeway just down the street? A genius, that's who. I might have fallen in love with the place.

Anyways...1 hour, a handful of delicious cheese/bread/steak/cake samples, and $30 later, I was on my way home. Everything was on sale! How could I NOT buy the blueberries when they were $.89 a pack? or the wheat thins because they were two-for-ones. It was all stuff I NEEDED, therefore, I must buy. It pained me to not buy any of the wine that was 30% off, only because I was walking home, and didn't need the extra bottle(s) of weight.

So, I spent $30...but I saved $11! SCORE! WIN! I merrily made my way home, basking in the glory that is this new, glorious place, not even a mile away from my house. Goodbye gross Giant! Goodbye over-priced-not-always-worth-it Whole Foods!

Until the next morning when my mom calls to let me know I overdrafted my checking account. Bollocks. Lucky for me, I was able to use my sweet, innocent, I-have-no-idea-how-this-happened voice, and they credited me back the overdraft fee. (Really, I think it was because my mom's been a customer there forever. Like, from back when Dinosaurs ruled the earth.)

I'm so broke, I can't even buy myself an ice coffee. It kind of sucks, and I'm so not digging this whole "being broke" thing. I will say though, on a positive note, I got a lot done today. The DC weather is absolutely divine, and being at the house all day inspired me to get some chores done. I "cleaned" my room, I did laundry, I hand-washed a few of my dresses and shirts, I opened the windows, I caught up on my missed tv (on the porch!), and I cranked out a blog post. However, as awesome and productive as my day has been, I'm sure I won't be able to keep up the productivity for long, and I'll soon be itching to reacquaint myself with civilization.

Even more reason to keep my fingers crossed for a big opportunity hopefully in the works for my (dear God please near!) future. Until then, I'll just have to stick to my homemade iced lattes. Have any awesome, cheap (ie free!), fun things to do?! I'm looking for ideas!
please excuse my naked bed, like i said, i did laundry. it's now fully clothed, i promise

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  1. Wait, where is this new Safeway? Someone wrote about it on the Cleveland Park listserv, too, but no one's mentioned where it is!

    Sorry about your financial woes - I'm without a debit card (it's been two weeks now!) & I'm going crazy, too! The homemade lattes are a good idea. And renting movies from the library!!!

  2. Blush Says:

    YAY for new grocery stores. Still, nothing compares to Publix, but it looks like this Safeway is getting close.

    As for free things to do? Might I suggest homemade mani-pedis? You can use things like sugar and honey mixtures to exfoliate, olive oil to soak...that way you're using things that are already in the house. Here's one version: http://www.lifetoolsforwomen.com/b/homemade-manicure.htm. Also, I'm a fan of the AMAZING chick-flick marathons running on so many channels today. Check 'em out. I'm sorry about the $$...hopefully things will turn around soon. Love you! xoxo

  3. Mandy Says:

    Lack of $$ is never a fun experience. I stick close to home a lot because thats just want I prefer to do. Reading is one of my favorite summer pastimes. I hit up the library with a stack of 4 or 5 books and am set for a few weeks.

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