The Blizzard is coming! The Blizzard is coming! It's Snowpacalypse!Snowmageddon!Snowdiculous! It's SnOMG!!!!

When the weather-man tells you that "20-30" inches is expected on Friday, and then another "10-20" inches again the next Tues-Wednesday, don't be down on yourselves! Gather up your housemates, invite a few friends over, stock up on food, booze, games, and toilet paper, and hunker down for SNOW CAMP! Activities include, but are not limited to:

Family dinners
1200 piece Jigsaw puzzles
Drunken midnight snowball fights
Morning hangovers complete with souvenir pancakes
Arts and Crafts
Yoga and Shredding
Game nights!!!
Unlimited recreation time for the INTERNET and Facebook!
Full-time photographer and videographer
Lots of fun and tons of memories

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  1. Mandy Says:

    Those pancakes are brilliant. And the puzzle? I am always uber impressed with anyone who has the patience to complete one of those 1000 piece deals. I throughly enjoyed being snowed in.

  2. Oy, I'm jealous. I had to "work from home" during the last snow, which I DESPISE.

  3. NICE. Can't wait to see you!

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