This year has been a whirlwind, and to be honest, it kind of sucked. I'm more than ready to say goodbye to 2009, and HELLOOOO 2010! I know that every year will have it's ups and downs, but in my naive little heart, I like to believe that this year will have far more ups than downs. Here's a quick review of Ohmygoshi 2009:

Realized just how much my college career came full circle: Have you ever had these moments when you realize certain sections of your life have been completed?

I anxiously awaited the big day to get me out of the waiting place (although let's be honest, I think I'm still there.....):I've realized that, right now, I'm in a holding pattern. I'm in that brief moment between being in the tunnel and barreling out at 60 mph.

I shared some dreams of mine: There are so many things I want to do, and yet so little time.

I blogged about my dislike of Mondays:It's Monday, Monday morning to be exact. I must be late.

Took some time and GRADUATED COLLEGE! and then took some much needed time off, and handed the reins over to some of my favorite bloggersThese past few weeks have been a blur. A good blur, but a blur nonetheless

Hit a real low and struggled a bit with the whole lack of job thing"Whoa, what about all the GREAT things I can do! Look at me! Please?! No? Ok....". I'm going stir-crazy right now
Engaged in an EPIC battle with Dell, and came out with a new computer!:Today was no exception. I got a phone call this morning from my Magic Dell Fairy, saying he'd be by sometime between 11am and 1pm

Contemplated Christmas in August:Sitting in a dark room, illuminated by a glowing fire and Christmas tree is one of my favorite favorite things to do all year long

Took a minute to take the scenic route and was reminded of all the beauty my city holds: The weather was great, but the view was something else entirely.

I got real pissy with WMATA, and made sure everyone knew: DC's Metro system is pretty stellar in comparison to some other places. However, that does not stop them from absolutely sucking on certain days

Had only one November Post: Speaking of Thanksgiving, this year the Ohmygoshi family (and extended family) will certainly have an interesting one

And finally, I witnessed first hand the great SnOMG of 2009: Ohhh Winter Blizzard of 2009 (Snowpocalypse, if you will), how you ROYALLY messed up my holiday travel plans is ridiculous

I know 2009 sucked for a lot of people this year. Economically, physically, emotionally, there was a lot going on this year. That's why I'm ready to leave it all behind and look forward. Here's to a clean slate, and fresh start.

Happy New Year.

Ohhh Winter Blizzard of 2009 (Snowpocalypse, if you will), how you ROYALLY messed up my holiday travel plans is ridiculous, and you cut my vacation time at home by 4 days so far. Ohhh JetBlue, thanks for not doing a damn thing and making things worse. Let's go through this blow by blow to see just how much fun Ohmygoshi has been having:

8:00pm Friday night: Jet Blue has cancelled my 6:20pm flight for the next day because of snow.

8:20pm: Scramble to find a new flight. Manage to get the last seat on on the last available flight for Sunday at 9am.

8:21pm: Breathe sigh of relief.

8:22pm-9:00am the next morning: Drink wine, play games, and enjoy the falling snow

9:00am-6:00pm: Flitter about, watching it snow, worrying about just how exactly I'm going to get to the airport tomorrow....

6:45pm: Use Craigslist to enlist the services of someone with a truck to drive me to Dulles (not kidding here, I really did!)

6:50pm: Have minor freakout over the possibilities of being kidnapped on the way to Dulles, and sold into slavery.

7:30pm: Decide to brave the still falling snow (22 hours now) and go out for dinner and drinks.

9:30-11:30pm: Packing

12:01am-6:00am: try to get some sleep.

6:30am: Check my flight status: ON TIME!

6:31am: Realize I'm checking TOMORROW's flight status. Today's flight status: CANCELLED


6:33am: Try to rebook flight on JetBlue. Nothing is available for THREE DAYS

6:34am: Wonder out loud why the hell JetBlue wouldn't just delay the flight rather than cancel it. Maybe customer service can tell me more.

6:35-7:05am: On hold with JetBlue

7:05am: Get into an argument with the customer service lady about their poor management of the day. I do feel bad about this, it wasn't her fault. But seriously, they don't offer to book me on another airline's flight, and were not very apologetic about the whole thing. Her attitude was "well, that's too bad, that's all we got!" What about all those passengers actually at the airport? Are they stuck there for days too?? JetBlue is making no effort whatsoever to remedy this situation for all of us. Instead, they are scrambling and cancelling flights. It stopped snowing 12 hours ago, the airport is open, there are other flights taking off, why was the flight not just delayed?! I WANT A DETAILED EXPLANATION!

7:50am: Call my mom in tears. It looks like I won't be back until Wednesday.

7:51am: Start looking around for other flights on other airlines.

7:52am: SUCCESS! There's a flight going from Dulles to Midway to Tampa TONIGHT!! For cheap! I must be on that flight!

7:52:30am: Flight is full. I'm not on it. Curses.

7:54am: Find nonstop flight from Dulles to Tampa tomorrow afternoon.

7:54:15am: BOOK THE FLIGHT

7:55-8:23am: On hold with JetBlue to cancel my flight

8:35am-11:00am: SLEEP

So the nightmare seems to be coming to an end. I'm on a flight tomorrow, that should get out without being cancelled. It cost me an extra $80, and gets me in to Tampa, but it's direct and leaves Monday instead of Wednesday, so I guess it's worth it. Metro is still only running underground with a few bus lines running, but I think they're planning on being open for rush hour tomorrow morning, so I should be able to get to the airport without a problem.

Here's hoping.

Mom: It'll be Forced Family Fun!

Me: (currently suffering from a cold) If I'm not dead by then...

Mom: Don't say that....the tickets aren't refundable!!
When we go to a bar or restaurant, we leave a tip to the waiter/waitress or bartender as a way of saying "thanks for the service!". How much we leave is generally dependent on how satisfied we feel. The better we were treated, the more we leave.

Is that how it works in our friendships and relationships as well? Do we only repay according to what we were given? Or do we willingly do things for the people we call friends, but do we expect grand gestures as methods of "thanks" in return? In general, when I do favors for friends, it's because I want to, not because I'm expecting something in return. I like to go out of my way to do things for others because I care about these people, and I want to make sure they know it. I try my hardest to be friendly when I first meet someone, but my personality can be so loud and outgoing at times, that I usually hold back until I feel comfortable around new people. This often comes across as harsh and unfriendly, I've been told on more than one occasion. But once I've forged a friendship, I hold on to it for dear life. I'll listen to their problems day after day, and always avail myself to them. I really don't expect much in return, except maybe honesty.

Is there a barometer to measure the proper way to say "thank you" to someone for a simple favor? What are your thoughts? How do you let your friends know you're thankful for the favors they do for you? Do you expect people to do certain things to show they are grateful to you? I'm genuinely curious about your thoughts!


...to post a screen shot of the weather outlook for Saturday: