Have you started listening to Christmas music yet? Because I have. I've had Pandora or Napster going almost all the time, and I only occasionally pause the yule tide greetings to listen to Justin Bieber croon about his first "love" or Mariah sing about her creepy stalker. Yes, I have both going in my rotation. Don't judge me, I know you do too.

I'm itching to start decorating for the season. Even though we're still two weeks out from Thanksgiving, I just want to put lights up in my room, and around the house. Our neighbors two doors down already adorned their porch with white lights, and I'm all "OMG when can I go buy white lights?!" My roomies seem to think I should wait until AFTER Turkey Day to go all Christmas Nazi on the house, but really, that's so far away!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, this year the Ohmygoshi family (and extended family) will certainly have an interesting one. So my brother goes to school in NYC and happens to have an apartment right on 6th, and right in front of Macy's. How did he score such a fabulous deal when he's in college, you may ask? I don't know, I keep wondering the same thing myself. I suppose it's not the most ideal situation since he shares his tiny 1 bedroom with 3 other dudes, but it's "student housing"...My mom and youngest brother (and our two dogs!) are driving up here next week, where we'll all meet at my uncle's house. On Wednesday, the family will catch the Bolt bus up to NYC, meet my mom's BFF and her daughter (who are flying in from FL) and crash at the Fabulous Apartment on 6th. Have you kept up with the numbers? That's a total of eight (8) of us in the Fabulous Apartment on 6th that can barely hold 4. YIKES.

We'll watch Snoopy and all his buddies float by our heads, officially welcome Santa Claus, and then we'll make our way back down to DC again, and probably die of exhaustion. The next day will be our big dinner, complete with friends, a DVRed parade playing in the background (because watching it LIVE and IN PERSON isn't good enough I guess...?), Beef Wellington, multiple types of pies, and lots of booze.

It's going to be a crazy shit show. I, for one, can't wait.

PS. what are some good "Thanksgiving" songs?! What do you play on Thanksgiving? Do you just play holiday music? I tried that last year, and I got comments that it felt more like Christmas dinner than Thanksgiving. Suggestions?!