DC's Metro system is pretty stellar in comparison to some other places. However, that does not stop them from absolutely sucking on certain days. Here are my peeves for WMATA:

  1. It irks me to no end when I've been waiting for 30 minutes for a stupid bus, and then THREE show up at the same time. I understand that sometimes traffic causes delays, therefore buses catching up to one another, but there is NO EXCUSE when you're only a couple miles out from the start of the line. None.
  2. When the sprite fifty something wearing yoga pants, a tank top, and a baseball hat gets on the bus, don't give me a dirty look for not getting up for you to sit down. You can obviously handle 90 minutes of sun salutations, a few more minutes standing isn't going to hurt. Consider it another glute exercise. You're butt will thank me later. In fact, I'm only willing to give my seat up to you if you meet the follow preques: a). You're pregnant or have small children with you. b). You are disabled and have a cane or walker. and c). You're old enough to get the Senior Discount at the movie theater without showing I.D.
  3. That being said, when a person with a cane gets on the bus, and you sit there with your headphones in looking like you hate the world while the person next to you gets up to give this disabled person your seat, you do not look good. In fact, you look like a jackass. Way to go.
  4. Mean bus drivers. You do not make the ride pleasant. Don't yell at the poor kid who obviously can't comprehend what a broken SmarTrip reader means. Or get annoyed with the out of towners who aren't really sure where to go. You make me want to pull the Stop Request cord for every stop just to annoy you.
  5. When I'm standing at the bus stop (after waiting HOURS! it seems like) and then the bus just flies right by me. So unacceptable, I want to scream. And the bus driver looks at me like "Hey girl!" No no no...NO. Before I even begin to entertain the idea of smiling at you, you need to back the bus up and come pick me up. Because just driving past me like that? Does not make me all warm and bubbly inside.
So those are my peeves with the WMATA's bus system. Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? What are your peeves?
On Monday nights, I have this group. We all meet at the same bar, with the same people, and order much of the same things. It's the start of the week, but for us, it's when we fill each other in on what happened the week before. Often times, we've seen each other over the weekend, but Monday nights always have a different vibe, and I don't know why.

I look forward to these nights. I like the stability that comes with it. The fact that, on Monday nights we'll meet at the bar, and laugh, and drink, and just enjoy each other. It's just what we do. We plan around it. Monday nights are (usually) reserved. Stories are told, gossip is shared, but most importantly, friendships are created. Sometimes, new faces make appearances, and sometimes they turn into regulars. We make plans, and we talk about goals and current events in our lives. We commiserate our yoga pains and growing pains, getting older is something we try to do with grace. We roll our eyes at comments and argue our points, but in the end, we always come back the next week. When life gets in the way, and one can't make it out that week, we notice the absence. The bartenders are now our friends and laugh along with us. They help us come up with new drinks, and they are willing to be try crazy things and then conveniently forget to put it on the tab.

We've been this group for about a year now, and I know that eventually, people will start to taper off as they leave the district for bigger and better dreams. Who knows where we'll be next year. Maybe off in New Mexico trying to write the next best seller, or saving lives in Africa. Maybe we'll be teaching others new things, or playing a game of soccer on the mall. Maybe traveling the world and seeing the sights of Europe and Asia. Who knows. We certainly don't. What we do know is that next week, we'll be right back at the bar with the same bartenders, the same drinks, and the same group of amazing friends.

On Monday nights, I have this group.