tip tap tip tap go the keys of various keyboards around me.

I'm back on campus right now, seeing as my Dell is following it's annual Summer tradition of being stupid and not working properly. In my family, our big "high school graduation gift" is a sparkling new laptop to accompany us on our journey to college. I remember the day it arrived, in it's big brown box. I was just bubbling with excitement over the fact that I would no longer have to share a computer. Finally, something that was all MINE. Being the oldest of three, the word "SHARE" has been drilled into my brain since I was 2.5 years old. I password protected that thing so fast, my brothers never even had a chance. (Though, I will admit I've since been way too lax on it, and often find all my sites logged out and certain other family members logged in...).

My Dell is just another reminder of how much time has passed since Summer of '05. My Mom, being the computer nerd that she is, purchased the super-duper all covering warranty for a few extra bucks, and since then I've had just about everything replaced. I got a new harddrive last summer, a new screen last fall, a new fan a few months ago, and then today, a new motherboard and monitor frame (which is essentially the top of the laptop). My warranty is super handy because not only was all that stuff FREE, but they also dispatched a friendly technician to do all the replacing. I like to call him the Magic Dell Fairy.

Today was no exception. I got a phone call this morning from my Magic Dell Fairy, saying he'd be by sometime between 11am and 1pm. He shows up, dismantles my computer, installs all things NEW, pieces it back together, and boots it back up. After a minor glitch with the keyboard and mousepad not being properly reconnected, it works like a dream, and looks like one too!

Off he goes on his merry way to wave his screwdriver, shout "Reparo!" and magically fix other people's computers.

I know you are all thinking, But wait, Ohmygoshi, didn't you say your computer wasn't working? I don't get it....

Three minutes after he leaves, the computer just turns off. Cue my "WTF?!" reaction. I try again with the same sad results. I frantically race upstairs to my cell phone, and dial his number to explain what happened. He comes back and tries a few things, only to end up on the phone with some other dude, saying "I don't zink we can trust zis mozerboard" (he had a French accent). He said something about the memory sticks maybe being a problem too.

Lovely. The only thoughts going through my head are "CRAP, I forgot to backup my harddrive, PLEASE OH PLEASE don't let it all be gone!". I've lost my umbilical cord to the world, which is just another reason why I need a phone with internet access on it. So tragedies like this don't happen anymore. I'm not one of those people that can just "disconnect" and be okay for a few days. I get antsy if I don't check my email every hour. And let's not even think about Facebook, can you imagine all the updates I'm going to miss?! The mere thought is already killing me. Gone are my plans to watch my latest Netflix movie. My Reader is sure to be overflowing with things that will take me days to catch up on. I can't even Google. Woe is me.

He promised to be back tomorrow with brand new parts (including a new bottom piece because mine is cracked in three different places, and new screws because I'm short a few. I'll let you laugh at the implications of that for a few moments...). The only original parts of my Dell will be the keyboard and mousepad.

So, that brings me back to the computer lab on campus. I was in the area anyways to run a few errands, so I figured I might as well stop in to reconnect with the world and share my sad sad story.

Let's all pray for a happy ending with new parts and all my files intacted. Otherwise, you just might hear me scream from my little Glover Park neighborhood.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I wish there really was a magical dell fairy! That would be exceptional.

    Good luck with these clowns. Your mom was smart on the warranty! I had a dell in law school, and we had a little dell shop right on campus. By my third year, I was a regular there. Something about being perpetually switched on for that many hours must have added up ... even the best machines wear out. (I'm a mac girl now, incidentally. Highly recommended).

    It was so, so nice to see you tonight! we must do it again soon.

  2. LindzML Says:

    YAY for lifetime warranties and the good sense to purchase them (something I forgot)! Boo for needing them at all. I'm sorry you're computer-less; miss you!!!

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