Lately, I've been at a loss of things to write about. Perhaps it's because I'm feeling slightly on the down side of life right now and I don't want to bring all that negativity here. No one likes Debbie Downer. Four years ago when I started school, I had grand plans of coming out with a fabulous job and doing something GREAT! But then the whole recession thing kicked in, and the markets plummeted, and suddenly it was all "Whoa, what about all the GREAT things I can do! Look at me! Please?! No? Ok....". I'm going stir-crazy right now. It's nice to sit around and do nothing for the first week, maybe two. But after that, the novelty of the idea wears off. There are only so many TV shows I can watch and Tweets I can read without feeling exhausted from doing absolutely nothing. I get tired of looking through job listings all promising "$1000 a week! Entry-level!".

Two nights ago some friends and I ventured out to see good ole' Abe. We had a private showing of some of the nation's great monuments, and it was pretty cool. I sat on the cool, grey, marble steps, looking out at the illuminated Washington Monument and Capital Hill beyond that, and I just took it all in. The sky was dark blue with a pink and orange glow from the city lights. It was cool enough to keep most of the mosquitoes away, but not enough to be cold. I'm tired of being sad and feeling like a huge disappointment. I want to do something GREAT this summer. I don't know what that's going to be yet. I'm thinking of maybe taking a picture everyday and posting it as a sort of memoir for this Summer. Or maybe I'll try to go to a different museum everyday. Maybe I'll try to discover a new musical artist every week. I want to do something different. I want to learn and explore and take advantage of this freedom I've been blessed with. I'm working on a couple of different photo projects right now. I have frames all laid out on my floor as a constant reminder to get it done and up on the wall. Who knows, maybe I'll find my fabulous job on accident while on a great adventure this summer.

What should I do? Help me think of some fun (and cheap) activities to fill my days as I continue to look for a job.
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  1. Auburn Kat Says:

    Looking back at when I graduated from college, I was definitely ready for a job and to do something wonderful too. What ended up happening was me applying for a lot of jobs and only getting a couple of interviews. I ended up not finding a job until September and it definitely wasn't a great job but it was a job. In the end, I am so thankful that I had the summer off to just be lazy, watch tv, read and have fun. So, while it sucks that you don't have a job yet, you will eventually get a job...enjoy this time you have.

  2. Lexilooo Says:

    What about maybe volunteering somewhere? Maybe a summer school program, something like that? Sometimes doing something that might lead to an eventual job? Just a thought! xo

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Okay, keep this in mind: YOU ARE NOT A DISAPPOINTMENT. I know that feeling all too well, and it's one of the worst. Resist it. You are fantastic. And lovely. And SMART, and this is just a place where you find yourself now, in the temporary. It will pass. (And if your luck's anything like mine, yes, it will hit you most accidentally. There's a beauty in that promise, I think).

    As for what to do ... hmmm. Maybe could you volunteer with the smithsonian? That is, get to really know the museums, and have something to do that would actually look pretty cool on a resume? Just a thought. I'd come and take all of your tours, too : )

  4. Steph Says:

    DC is fabulous in the summer (thats when I did my internship). Hit the museums, the various festivals, play frisbee on the mall.

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