Yay for besties!! I hope all of you have one as awesome amazing as I do! I was wondering what to write about for today’s post…I was supposed to write it yesterday but I had a freak-out moment about my lack of employment and didn’t write it. Instead I spent a little time dry heaving with fear that I will be poor and living in my parents’ house for the rest of my life.

As I was sitting at the computer today, I started thinking of al
l the things I could write about…the Josh Groban concert we attended, the Girl Scout Olympics events we would compete in as partners (3-legged race champs, don’t you know), and then I realized something pretty funny: we’ve been friends for eighteen years. Yup, our moms met when my mother was rather pregnant with my younger sister…who turns 18 in less than a week. So, it’s funny to note that our friendship is (finally) of age. I figured there would be no better story to tell on this momentous occasion of our friendship’s 18th birthday than the story of what she and our other best friend (we’re quite the trio) and one other friend did to me for my 18th birthday.

I was the last one of the bunch to turn 18. Pancakes’ (name changed to protect the v
ery, very guilty) birthday was (is!) March 26th and Ohmygoshi’s was (is) April 8th (and don’t you dare forget it), so as the August 5th baby, I’m always the last to celebrate everything. I’d planned to have a quiet night in with my family for my 18th birthday…I’d never been one for clubs (still not), so I figured I’d hunker down for an episode of Law and Order: SVU and chill out for the evening.

Until my friends showed up at my door a
nd announced they were kidnapping me. They made me change into “club clothes” (or as “clubby” as I could get after spending the summer working at Jesus Camp), put me in Ohmygoshi’s car (it was your car, right?) and blindfolded me. Awesome. Thirty minutes later we arrived at our desired location and I figured they’d taken me to Club Paris or Firestone or someplace downtown.

Nope. They’d taken me to Parliament House. If you live in Orlando, you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, I’ll give you three words: Raunchy Gay Bar. That’s right, I spent my 18th birthday in a gay bar watching drag queens lip synch to Gloria Gaynor and Cher, getting leered at by suspicious-looking individuals and just generally enjoying the shirtless men dancing on platforms, etc. Too bad they were all uninterested in me.

All in all, it was a hilarious night in which Pancakes was asked to dance several times by a guy that was incredibly creepy (and, I guess, bi), I saw my fir
st drag show, and I laughed harder than I ever thought I could. So, when Ohmygoshi comes home next, we’ll have to celebrate the 18th birthday of our friendship.

We’re just not taking it to Parliament House.
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  1. magda Says:

    Friends like this are hard to find. Hold on to it!

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