The lovely Ohmygoshi and I connected via TwentySomethingBloggers and Twitter sometime last year. I don’t keep up with 20SB as well as I should, but Twitter and I are still tight. When she asked me to guest blog I was excited because I never guest blog and the content on my blog, Thoughts from Meggie Poo, has been sparse since I apparently prefer TV and sleeping more than sitting down and cranking out a post or two. I’ve decided to write a post similar to one Amanda wrote a little bit ago, and also similar to a running commentary in the fab book I’m reading by Jen Lancaster (Bright Lights, Big Ass). So I’m writing an Open Letter Post.

An open letter to my sisters:

Dear Big Sis 1 and Big Sis 2,

I love you dearly. And I love my name. I am well aware that my life would have been drastically different without your influence and friendship. I am also very grateful that even as two and five-year-olds you knew not to give me a crazy name when our parents let you have the honor of naming me, your forever cute and adorable little sister. With this gratitude you should also know that I feel huge amounts of relief that there was a human on the show “My Little Pony”, which was your favorite cartoon. Had there not been a human named Megan living in that magical land full of colorful talking ponies, I would not have been given my name: Meghan. Your sweet little bubble gum filled brains could have given me the name Starlight, Bright Eyes, Clover or Bon- Bon- just like the lovable equines- but instead, you chose Meghan. So thank you, sisters. Thank you.


Starli… errr Meghan

I often think about what my life what have been like had I been named Starlight. I don’t think my parents would have let the situation get that far, but what if…

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  1. Dmbosstone Says:

    You were named after a cartoon character? Awesome!

  2. Yes, I was named after a cartoon character. And Patrick, your last name is the same as a delicious food! It's a tie on the awesome scale. Tie for second b/c Amanda obvi gets #1.

  3. Ohmygoshi Says:

    haha Ohmygoshi is nickname i picked up in middle or high school. it's a play on my actual last name...can't be givin' too much of my info away on the interwebs! ;)

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