so when ohmygoshi asked me to guestblog during her last few weeks of college (congrats! you're amazing!), i at first thought that i would be pretty bogged down myself--wedding planning, finals by proxy for the bff, work, dissertation, etc. etc. etc.--but when the smoke cleared a little bit and i had some time to breathe, i thought it would be a fun way to help out a bloggy friend.

then came the dilemma...what to write about? i thought about doing something deep and meaningful, about perhaps the rather discouraging job market, which i knew would resonate with several of her readers for whom this particular issue is throwing curveballs into a life already planned. serious is good, i thought. serious can make people think.

and then i wondered what on earth i, who is just trying to take a step of faith at a time myself, could possibly offer anyone. so amid all of this subconscious musing, the answer presented itself this morning, as i was doing my hair.

(don't doubt the power of uninterrupted bathroom time.)

i was putting a headband in my hair, a stopgap measure because i a) didn't want to blowdry it completely and b) didn't want it to just hang there like a dead animal. (my hair tends to do that when i'm growing it out...) and i realized....i have never truly understood nor mastered the art of the headband.

thus we come to my topic, which actually might be a little anticlimactic after all of this lead-in, but here we go: fashion trends that i've never really understood or have been able to successfully introduce into my life.

1--the headband.

i like them, i really do. i quite admire them when successfully worn by others, usually girls who have exceptional style. they can be thin or quite thick, and can add so much to an outfit.

but how do you know what to do with your hair? how do you get them to not plaster your hair down and give you the equivalent of helmet head? except, of course, it would be headband head? is there a particular head/face shape that makes one more successful than others?


i know many before me have philosophized on the merits of uggs or the lack thereof, but i just don't understand why ANYONE would wear them. let me back up. if i lived in the Great White North, i might embrace the idea of them. but really? all i think about is how smelly those things must get with the sweaty feet that inevitably result in a FLEECE-FILLED BOOT. maybe it's the florida in me. but it just doesn't make sense.

plus, they're ugly.

and i have now been the very last person to have talked about this.

3--bubble dresses.

okay, way back in the day, bubble dresses REALLY looked like bubbles. i probably have the terminology wrong for what i now am referring to as bubble dresses, but i mean those short dresses that are baggy until they reach the hem, which is several inches thick, and gets tight around the thighs. you know what i mean.

i don't get it. i don't understand why anybody really wears them. i'm sure i'll offend someone here, but i just think they're hideous and i haven't any idea why anyone would think that they were attractive?

i suppose i could go on and on, and those who have seen my addiction to cardigan sweaters could critique my fashion sense, but there you go. things i don't understand, can't embrace (and don't want to embrace), or wish that i could integrate into my own wardrobe.

as if life wasn't tough enough, you know? why does fashion have to be more difficult?
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