There's something buzzing in my head. No wait, maybe it's in my pillow? Oh, it's my alarm going off on my phone, under my pillow. 

It's Monday, Monday morning to be exact. I must be late. 

8:59 am, not too bad. Class starts at 9:55, I've got plenty of time. 

Coffee. I need coffee. Delicious coffee.  

I wonder what's happened overnight. Anything new in the news? Maybe someone wrote on my wall, or sent me a message! Perhaps my professor finally answered that question I emailed him a week ago. Maybe someone left a comment on my blog. 

Nothing. Oh well, maybe later. 

The blog reader is next. I've been waiting all weekend for updates from some of my favorites. I'll check out Apartment Therapy since I haven't done that in a while, and still haven't added them to my reader yet. 

Interesting. That looks cool. I like the colors of that print. I wonder how much it would cost to do that in my place. I like that photograph. The lighting is nice there. 

9:20 am - I should get up...but my bed is so comfy and warm. It's not as bright in here as it is normally, it must be raining. Great. Nothing better than a grey start to the week.  What should I wear today? That depends, what do I have going on this week? I want to wear this top tonight, but not today. I wore that one last week, so I better wait a few more days til I wear it again. I have too many clothes and nothing to wear. 

Such a first world complaint. 

I guess I'll just settle for t-shirt and jeans, I'll throw a sweater on over it.   

9:46 - shoot. I should have left a minute ago. I still need to brush my teeth and put my contacts in...I guess I'll skip the coffee for now. Breakfast too. Maybe later. 

I'm out the door by 9:52 and making the 5 minute walk up the hill to my first class of the week. 

It's Monday morning, I must be late.  

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    ooooh, the familiarity of this post is shocking. What you've described is the feeling of most of my mornings anymore ... I have the time, but POOF, it disappears. I need to make myself care more.

    The upshot is, six more days till Monday creeps back in! Woo!

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