This weekend was great. On Friday night, I met up with awesome Ms. Argument for crepes and drinks, and we went on an EPIC quest to find just one beer more. Yesterday was a lot of fun too, but oh what a day it was. I got to hang out with some fabulous people, picnicked by the Washington Monument, enjoyed some good food, questionable drinks, and endured several uninvited gusts of strong winds.

I did get a few good photos...yay

We walked around the Sakura Matsuri...yay

Didn't have to work last night...yay

Discovered Vapiano...yay

My phone was hijacked and had inappropriate texts sent in all kinds of directions...BOO

Rocket Bar...yay

Adams Morgan...tired yay

Walking around all over for almost 9 hours...boo

Getting back to my apartment 15 hours after I left...boo.

It was a long long day, a lot of fun, but very long. Once you get to a certain degree of tiredness, the people that were fun just 2 hours earlier are wasted, and all you want to do is go home, it's not so much fun anymore. Today was spent recovering and doing nothing. I have nothing profound to write, no basic theme to follow, just writing for the sake of writing. Writing to avoid my mother's phone call informing me that I haven't updated in a while.

In other news, my birthday is this week! I've decided to expand from celebrating just one day, to the entire week. I think everyone should celebrate the entire week of their birth. We spend the other 51 weeks of the year celebrating others, dealing with crisis after crisis, and making sure we survive to see the next day. Why not take a week out to celebrate yourself? You've worked hard since last year! You've earned at least a week of being treated special just because! It makes perfect sense to me! Who's with me?!
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