Today, is Momma Ohmygoshi's birthday! I won't say how old she is, mostly because I value my life and the money she puts in my bank account, but I will say that she's lookin' pretty young these days! I just spent hours trying to find an e-card that I liked best, but then decided to go with a homemade one instead!! My mom has been one of my best friends, and I get all my best qualities from her. She's always made sure that we were happy and loved. She successfully balanced recitals, soccer games, competitions, baseball games, field trips, drama rehearsals, sleepovers, birthday parties, pickups and dropoffs, parent meetings, and more between all three of us. She teaches us responsibility, and honesty is always best. We've called her from over 6000 miles away to tattle on each other. She's taken us on vacations and trips all over, and made sure we always have something to remember them by. She enforces Forced Family Fun Nights when we're all home, and insists we go to the movies together, despite our protests. Over the course of almost 22 (!) years, she's always been the person I can go to no matter what, and I always will.

And what would a good birthday tribute be without a few photos to go with it?
Here she is in Kindergarten or First grade. (She's 2nd row up, fifth one from the right)Here she is with her dog, Happy, and her not too pleased brother. Check out those wings on that station wagon!
She's the little one
Forced Family Fun night. That's my brother, he's a winner, I know. The other brother. We end with one of my favorite photos. One baby, two mothers, three daughters, three generations.

Happy Birthday, Mom!
I love you!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Forced Family Fun Nights, Wooo! Sounds a lot like my growing-up time. Thing is, I appreciate those times so much; there's really something to be said for close-knit families. We don't have enough of those anymore.

    This is such a sweet post, and an awesome tribute. It's always important to let the people we love know it ... and this is perfect : )

  2. Linda Says:

    Thanks sweetie and congratulations you made me cry at work :) I love you!


  3. LindzML Says:

    Happy Birthday, Mamma O!!

    I absolutely LOVE that last picture.

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