This? This is a picture of an azalea. Despite the fact that this is my fourth cherry blossom season, I have no pretty pictures of Cherry Blossoms. This makes me sad. Let's try to change that this year. Next Saturday (the 4th) is the annual Sakura Matsuri or Cherry Blossom Festival in downtown D.C. Are any of you D.C. bloggers (or random readers) up for a day spent eating delicious Japanese foods, walking up and down the festival street, and then seeing some Cherry Blossoms? We can even have a picnic under the trees and drink like all the real Japanese folks do!

Yes? No? Maybe? Let's make it happen!! :)
Today, is Momma Ohmygoshi's birthday! I won't say how old she is, mostly because I value my life and the money she puts in my bank account, but I will say that she's lookin' pretty young these days! I just spent hours trying to find an e-card that I liked best, but then decided to go with a homemade one instead!! My mom has been one of my best friends, and I get all my best qualities from her. She's always made sure that we were happy and loved. She successfully balanced recitals, soccer games, competitions, baseball games, field trips, drama rehearsals, sleepovers, birthday parties, pickups and dropoffs, parent meetings, and more between all three of us. She teaches us responsibility, and honesty is always best. We've called her from over 6000 miles away to tattle on each other. She's taken us on vacations and trips all over, and made sure we always have something to remember them by. She enforces Forced Family Fun Nights when we're all home, and insists we go to the movies together, despite our protests. Over the course of almost 22 (!) years, she's always been the person I can go to no matter what, and I always will.

And what would a good birthday tribute be without a few photos to go with it?
Here she is in Kindergarten or First grade. (She's 2nd row up, fifth one from the right)Here she is with her dog, Happy, and her not too pleased brother. Check out those wings on that station wagon!
She's the little one
Forced Family Fun night. That's my brother, he's a winner, I know. The other brother. We end with one of my favorite photos. One baby, two mothers, three daughters, three generations.

Happy Birthday, Mom!
I love you!
There are so many things I want to do, and yet so little time. If I could, I would move from place to place, always trying something new. I want to go on an archeological dig. I want to unearth a piece of clay that represents thousands of years of history. I want to be mystified by the towering bricks of triangle that seem impossible to have been man-made.

I want to count the stars. I want to witness the beauty of a dying star's last breathe and final burst of color. A star that has been gone since before the dinosaurs walked the earth, but its light is just now getting here.

I want to plant something and watch it turn into something beautiful. I want to go to Africa and play soccer with kids. I want to have photos published in National Geographic. I want to be part of the wine making process. I want to be the one who cuts the trailers for movies and makes them look so good. I want to to take photos that people ooh and ahh over. I want to swim with the dolphins. I want to go on an African Safari. I want to teach English in Japan to little kids. I want to fly an airplane. I want to jump out of an airplane. I want to go to Thailand. I want to be part of a team that comes up with a brilliantly successful ad campaign. I want to be a spy.

I want to have that moment where I know it's going to be Forever, and plan a wonderful, fabulous wedding. I want to see the Northern Lights. I want to win an Academy Award, and thank my Mom for always believing in me. I want to take a totally spontaneous road trip. I want to go to sleep with a fabulous view of the neon city skyline.

I want to live and love and feel.

I want to.
I had a date last night!!

Ok, not that kind of date, but a Blogger one! Last night I made plans with the lovely Magda to meetup for wine and flatbreads at the delicious Enology.

One of the great things I love about blogging is the relationships you build with others through a few tip taps on the keyboard. Friendships made through the bits and pieces we choose to share with each other. Friendships not based on status, or money, or a "popular" factor. It's wonderful, and when those friendships can translate over from the computer to real life, it's even better!

It was nerve wracking at first. What if she thinks I'm weird? What if we have NOTHING to talk about?! What if she thinks I'm nothing like she thought I would be?! Luckily, last night couldn't have been more fun. We sat and chatted for hours, enjoying cocktails, wine, yummy Pesto Flatbread, and eventually margaritas. We exchanged blogging stories, and swapped favorite memories and Christmas traditions. We filled each other in on details that had been purposely left out before. It was such a great time! She promised to introduce me to some of the other bloggers, and I can't wait!

Yay for meetups!

Now all I have to do is figure out how to stay in DC past May. Got any ideas??
Every Wednesday (or so) Roxy, one of the lovely Chickbug ladies, posts a Def Jam Poetry video from Youtube. This past week was one I enjoyed, and watched a few others by the same poet. That lead me to another poet featured on the show, Sarah Kay. I was struck by how her words fit so well with her voice and her movements. Something about her drew me in, and I ended up watching several of her performances. While I found all her work to be awesome, I keep coming back to two different pieces in particular. Maybe it's because I can so relate to one of them, or that I so want to be able to relate to the other. I'm not sure. But here they are for you to see.

exhausted doesn't begin to describe how I feel right now. In a matter of minutes, no seconds, I went from fine, to surprised, to disbelief, to excitement, to anger, to sadness, to fear, and back again. I am emotionally exhausted.

You can't just call and say you're a mere drive away, and expect me to drop everything for you. I haven't seen you since I dropped you off at the airport that cool morning in May, 2005. That's almost one thousand four hundred and sixty days ago, just in case you weren't keeping count. Just a recap on what you've missed out on: 2 freshman years, 5 Family Weekends, 6 opportunities to see us shine, 4 Christmases, 11 birthdays, 1 graduation, thousands of laughs, and hundreds of days that went without even a phone call.

I love you because I have to. I am one half you. What more do you want from me? It's a fine line between hate and love, and I walk it on a daily basis. How can you stand to be away from 3 parts of you that introduced you to the realm of fatherhood? The first one to call you "daddy", your first son, and the one that's always adored you from day one. You don't even know who we are anymore. How can you stand to realize that you haven't been there to shape us, and make us, and mold us to who we are today?

There will be times when I'll be walking and a smell will catch my nose and bring me back to years ago, and my heart will physically hurt for all the missed memories that could have been made, and all the pictures that could have been taken, had you just...been around more. I choke back the tears and fake a yawn to cover my slip-up. Big girls don't cry over broken promises and lost daddies.

You call, and we rearrange our schedules to see you. We call, and can't get a hold of you for days.

You may send relief in the form of dollars, but in the end, it won't be the number in the bank account we remember. It will be those vacations we took, and the family game nights we had, and the movies we saw, and the photos we smiled for, and the dinners we shared, that we remember.

And your face, will be the only one that's missing.
I think we've waited long enough....no??

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Do you think I can buy my tickets now??