I'm a big fan of the show The Amazing Race on CBS. I often watch and try to picture myself in the situations and challenges. Sadly, many of them end with being frustrated and yelling
"I told you we were supposed to go the OTHER way, and now we're going to be eliminated. Stupid!"
Yeah, I'm pretty competitive like that. I get all kinds of nervous just watching that show, yet I come back season after season. Have you seen some of those challenges they do? Doing the second highest bungee jump because you HAVE TO for the sake of $1 million, I'd totally do it. Along with my fantasy Amazing Race challenges, I'll wonder who I would want to be my partner. I've decided my Mom is a no. I love her to pieces, but we'd kill each other in a matter of days. I'd get frustrated with her, she'd make me feel guilty, and then we'd both end up in tears. Yeah. NO. I also don't think I would want to partner with any friends, namely because of my competitive nature. I have a feeling I could lose a few friends by barking orders at them in the name of WINNING. I've narrowed it down to being one of my two brothers, whom I'll affectionately call Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Thing 1, is the older of my two younger brothers. He's determined and SMART. Homeboy reads A LOT and could list all the different types of dinosaurs when he was three. He's got a lot of book knowledge, and can be charming when he wants to be. He's pretty devious too, and can easily outsmart the others. We get along much better now than we did when he was going through his "moody teenager" phase. He's much more laid back and would be more willing to do challenges like, "bungee jumping" or "hang gliding" (Thing 2 is a wuss when it comes to exciting activities). I also think he'd be better at consoling me after I've burst into tears of frustration. He's a sucker like that.

Thing 2 is the baby of the family. He's exactly like me. So much so, I tease him about because I know he hates it. Muwahahaha. He's also incredibly charming, and a good-looking kid, which would be useful in getting information out of the dumb blonde girl team (there's at least one every season). Everybody wants to be his friend, and he works out, so he'd be useful for challenges like "carry 200 pounds of cheese down the swiss mini slope". Thing is, when two positive charges come together, they tend to EXPLODE, and he has a very low threshold for being bossed around. Just like I can't stand his incredible cocky nature.

In the end, I think I would ask Thing 1 to be my partner. I feel like he would be less apt to trying to ditch me somewhere in the middle of Africa.

Who would your partner be for The Amazing Race?
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  1. LindzML Says:

    Bobby. Hands down. He probably wouldn't let me be his partner, though. I'd bring the team down. He's incredibly lucky, strong and intelligent and can find his way around anywhere. I cannot find my way out of a paper bag. But we'd have fun. Until I got tired from no nap (and subsequently, cranky) and he got frustrated because my ADD kicked in and then we'd have a fight that would get physical (meaning we'd wrestle and I'd win by fighting dirty) which would make for KILLER ratings. So, um, that's my answer.

  2. Linda Says:

    Have you forgotten that thing 1 is afraid of heights and a picky eater? And you're so right about me. I wouldn't bungee jump for several million dollars. I'd have heart failure before the bounce even - but I'd watch every show ;)

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