I'm at the point in every college student's life, where I'm starting to get very anxious about the future. I want to go into the marketing/advertising/PR field, and I've reached a dilemma. Do I tell possible employers about my blog? I know it makes me look super connected with the interwebs, and I'm a Social Marketing GENIUS, but at the same time, I don't know if I want them to read my personal blog. I could start another blog, one that I wouldn't mind employers reading, but I don't know what I'd post in it, and I don't want it to be blank.

If I do make mention of my blog, where do I do it? In the cover letter? Or is it better saved for an in-person interview? Do I casually slip it in, or drop the bomb as soon as I get there?

"Hi, I'm Ohmygoshi. So nice to meet you. I have a blog." Ok, so I probably won't do that.

I want to do show off that I'm the one to hire, but is exposing my personal space to the people I work for worth it? What are your thoughts on this?
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  1. LindzML Says:

    Ummm, I think you should do several things. First of all...if you want to use a blog as a selling point, you should definitely start a new one. That's part of why I started my new blog. I didn't want the whining and complaining about certain things to show up. Connect to other PR/Marketing/etc. blogs to show the ways you're willing to network with. You don't want to censor yourself here for fear of what potential employers will say. This is your outlet, and it should continue to serve as such. Whether or not you take my advice, you have two options concerning any blog. If it's a "professional" blog tracking events in a given field (which I'd totally go halfsies with you on...omg...i just had an idea. i'm going to call you), put it on your resume' under e-mail, phone number, address, etc. the other option is to keep the old blog and bring it up if it comes into conversation in an interview. yeah. i'm calling you.

  2. chickbug Says:

    As someone who:
    - has a blog.
    - works in PR/Marketing.
    - has a lot of friends who do. exactly what you want to do.
    - hires entry-level people

    my advice would be NO. You should not tell them about your personal blog. You absolutely should tell them how engaged you are in social networking online (blogs, twitter, FB) but your employer doesn't need to have insights into your personal life. If you really think having a blog (and putting on your resume) is something important, then start a new, professional one.

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