Yesterday started out with so much promise...and then quickly went sour. I'm not going to talk about how I got on the wrong bus and then ended up going in the opposite direction I wanted to go. I won't say a word about how this little mishap caused me to miss out on the dance class I was trying to get to by 5 minutes. Not even a peep about how all I really wanted was a cup of coffee, and got all excited about FREE coffee at the grocery store only for there to be no more left. I won't go into detail about how I discovered the can of tuna I was going to use wasn't the pop off top and I had no can opener, until AFTER I had already added all the other ingredients. Let's forget that I have 2 weeks to find a new roommate and ZERO possibilities right now.

No. I'll talk about the happy things instead. Because that's what I'm trying to do, focus on the happy.

  • I now know EXACTLY how to get to the Atlas studio.
  • I got everything I needed to get from the grocery store yesterday.
  • I continued my annual tradition of chatting with my mom online while we both watched the Oscars.
  • Hugh Jackman was on TV last night. Lookin' mighty sexy if I do say so myself.
  • Slumdog Millionaire cleaned up at the Oscars last night.
  • My midterm could have gone a lot worse than it did today.
  • I ate an apple today.
  • Spring Break is JUST AROUND THE CORNER.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I don't ride city busses because I ALWAYS get lost/go the wrong way/get off too early or too late. It just doesn't work for me. I'd rather walk in the rain than risk it.

    With all these mishaps out of the way, thing have to start looking up. They have to, right? Right. : )

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