If I was ever offered an opportunity to re-live a moment or two of my past, a top moment would be from the four years I spent on the dance team in high school. It was some of the best parts of my high school experience, and I miss it so much. The lights, the cheers, the music, and the feeling of letting my body do the moves it had worked so hard to remember, nothing beats that feeling. I will never ever forget that feeling of walking behind stage to the warm-up area right before Nationals. I had worked so hard the past three years to get there, and I was so excited and nervous and scared all at the same time. It didn't help that in our last run through behind stage I had fallen in a transition move, or that I was the leading the team on to the stage in a matter of minutes. My coach was next to me as we lined up to go on next. I'm pretty sure she could feel the nerves radiating from my body. We didn't say much in those moments, but I knew she knew I could do it, or else she wouldn't have put me on the floor in the first place. As we were called to attention, I remember thinking, "this is it. here we go."

Three minutes later, we were done. The routine had been performed, our legs felt like lead, and we were all out of breath. The adrenaline was still pumping and the knowing that we had done the best we could was empowering.

As I watched this year's team's performance last night on-line, I could feel the excitement and energy, and it instantly brought back all those emotions of competition season. Although I only recognized one or two faces, I saw them all as teammates. I knew what they had gone through to get there. I knew that dance camp was a stressful three days, and that those practices in the Florida heat during football season were long and hot. I knew what it was like to give up every Friday night for a football game. I knew that by the end of the routine the girls were fighting to get their legs up in the air. Two minutes flies by for spectators, and leaves them wanting more, but for those performing, it's the longest two minutes ever.

Although I don't miss high school at all, I do miss being a part of that organization. I miss the thrill of competition, and I dare say, I even miss the practices. They were sometimes long and grueling, leaving me exhausted at only 3pm, but they were great (and talk about a great workout!!).

So now, I leave you with the clip that was posted online, just to give you a little taste of what I'm missing:

ETA: I couldn't figure out how to embed the video, so just click the picture. The fun starts at the 6:20 mark :)
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