Sooo I don't know if you all have heard, but this weekend is the beginning of this teensy tiny event also known as Inaguration Week. It's when millions of people swarm our tiny district and stand outside in below freezing tempatures for HOURS with hopes of seeing the President-elect being sworn in to office.

Oh joy.

Are any of my DC bloggers going to any of the festivities this weekend? Are you booking it and getting out of town ASAP?? Are you coming IN from somewhere else for the event??? I know that there's a HUGE concert at the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday, and I think it's really cool, but I bet so do two million other people, and I'm not toooo sure if I want to go.

Yeah, I get the whole "historical value" of the whole shebang, but 23 degree weather and millions of people do not entice me to go. The Secret Service is closing the bridges between VA and DC starting Monday night, which in my opinion is a STUPID idea...we're going to be trapped in the district! That makes me feel so uncomfortable! I'm the type of person who will willingly do anything, but when you FORCE something on me, I get angry. Really, I had no plans to leave the district next week, but just taking that option away from me? Makes me annoyed. Traffic is going to be a nightmare because everyone wanting to come in will be forced to go around and down either Wisconsin, Connecticut, or Massachusetts. Everyone.

My friends' plans are to wake up at 4 am and WALK down to the Mall in order to stand in line to hopefully be one of the 300,000 people that they let in. I mean, I get a much better view of the whole thing from my couch in my warm apartment. Officials are telling residents to "prepare like you would for a blizzard. Stock up on foods and water, because everything is going to be ridiculous." My mom got emails from my university telling her to warn her student about taking precautions and to always have a buddy and make sure we bring lots of food and water with us. Yikes.

One last thing, bars are getting special hours and are going to be open til 5am on some nights. Which sounds like it's going to be AWESOME. Except the fact that people will already be emotional from the whole experience, and there will be a lot of them crammed into this tiny area of a district, and to add liquor to the whole equation, does not give me warm and fuzzy feelings.

What are your plans for Inaguration day?
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  1. chickbug Says:

    I'm excited for Tuesday! I plan on watching it on the TV at my office. And then watch CNN.com the rest of the day for all the ceremonies etc.

  2. magda Says:

    My plan? Sleep in. Never take off my pajamas. Watch the festivities from the comfort of my couch, possibly with a nice glass of wine, toasting the poor suckers who've been lined up since 4am (OUCH). Let me know if you want to escape to the commonwealth!

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