Today there is a huge concert on the mall. Every big name artist is going to be there. Everyone from Josh Groban to Bruce Springsteen. It sounds like it's going to be awesome. I'm not going, and here's why:

  1. My brother's friend is coming in for the inauguration, and I have to meet her at 6ish.
  2. It's 35 degrees outside, and feels like 30.
  3. My friends left for the concert at 4am. They walked. Gates open at 8:30. Concert starts at 2:30pm.
  4. My bed is so much warmer.
  5. A million people are going to be there.
  6. Netflix is calling my name.
  7. I'm Churching it via the interweb.
  8. I enjoy having feeling in my fingers, toes, and face.
  9. I slept in. And loved every minute of it.
  10. I prefer using my own private bathroom, as opposed to sharing one with 5000 people. Because that's the ratio of porta-potties to people.
  11. Bonus* it's going to be broadcast on HBO, which means I'll find it somewhere on the interweb in a matter of days.
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  1. Kate Says:

    I didn't go, either. But I couldn't get it to stream on HBO.com! I was pretty unhappy about it, lemme tell ya, but not as unhappy as I would've been if I'd been standing outside in the cold watching it all go down on a Jumbotron.

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