Has anyone heard about this?

Pretty much, DC bars are getting special permission to be open til 5am during inauguration week. While I do appreciate the extra time to drown my sorrows celebrate the "change", I'm not sure if it's really the smartest idea.

Emotions + alcohol + millions of people crammed into a small district does not a happy ending make! They're estimating up to 5 million people swarming the district for the week. 5 million! holy crap. Who wants to start a betting pool as to how many accidents there will be? I get that everyone's excited, but dude, those of us that have to conduct normal every day lives here will not be excited to see you.

I haven't decided if I'm going to venture out of my apartment that week. We get the actual inauguration day off, and the day before is MLK day, and the day AFTER I don't have classes anyways, so I pretty much have a 5 day weekend. haha are you jealous yet? I've also considered renting part of my apartment out. Hotels sold out around November 5th, and people are willing to pay huge amounts of money. I've seen houses going for $11,000 for the week. People are going as far out as PENNSYLVANIA, like the state, not the avenue. I live in the district! I could at least get $500 a night with a three night minimum. I think I'm going to conduct experiments and see just how much I could get.

And for an extra $50, I'll even decorate it from ceiling to floor in Obama paraphanalia.

Oh the things I do for a free month of rent!
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  1. Heidi Says:

    dc is pretty much going to be a 24 hour shit show for 5 days - fiance and i are planning on getting far away. We're trying to rent out our apt on the hill for between 600-800/night - still far less than a hotel and we're walking distance to the capitol!

    Good luck if you decide to rent it out :) <3

  2. LindzML Says:

    Um, you should seriously rent it out. To a republican. Crazy crazy.

    As for you: you really, really shouldn't leave your place. Be careful.

  3. magda Says:

    I'm planning to stay in my apartment and not leave that entire weekend. I live on the VA side of things, but I still expect things to be complete chaos. I think people's excitement to come is highly overrated. I hope they enjoy themselves. Me and my wine and movies, we'll be having a pretty good time, too : )

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