Well, it's about 11:35pm and John McCain has just given his concession speech. Barack Obama has just been projected announced as the next President Elect of the United States of America.

I am, needless to say, disappointed.

I'm disappointed in the way I was treated today for voting how I did. I'm disappointed in the remarks that were said to me, things like "I hope that every woman that voted for McCain needs an abortion sometime soon." I'm disappointed in the awful things that were said about John McCain tonight. For a party that screams for all things fair and equal, some certainly don't show it at all.

However, I do hope for the best for this country. There is nothing else I'd rather be than an American citizen. I hope that Obama lives up to everything that people believe, and he turns this country around in a good way. I hope that in two years I can say, "I was wrong, Obama was just what this country needed." I pray that he keeps this country safe, and that terrorists don't see this as their opportunity to attack with no consequences. I pray that his lack of experience doesn't hurt us. I hope that he doesn't rush the troops out of Iraq and collapse everything that has been accomplished. Our government is going to be mostly Blue, and that worries me. I wonder how effective a two-party government is when it's entirely controlled by one.

I think McCain gave a very graceful and inspiring speech, and I can't blame him or Sarah Palin for being a little teary eyed, as I myself teared up a bit. It was an emotional ride and a battle well fought. Still, I know some people will laugh at it, and continue to make rude and disrespectful remarks.

In all fairness, Obama delivered an amazing speech tonight. I heard Obama speak to me directly as an "un-won vote" and I can only hope that he hears me the way he promised to.

I've been praying for the outcome for several weeks now, and I'll continue to pray to God for the safety, guidance, and wisdom for our new President. I am so blessed to be given so many freedoms and rights in this country simply for being born within it's borders, something so many people in this world don't have. Tonight was indeed a historic night, and despite my disappointment, I'm still so so proud to be an American.

I hope you are too.
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  1. Heidi Says:

    this post made me cry all over again <3 i'm disappointed for the same reasons you are.

  2. drbolte Says:

    this is a beautiful post. i feel the same, and am ashamed of those who refuse to understand the reasons behind why others vote the way that they do. i am quite struck by the historic nature of our election, and was especially struck by the graciousness and class of john mccain's speech. i will try to do as he asks--to offer my willing hands and a hopeful heart to make america better. i think that's what we all try to do every day. nothing will change about that tomorrow. and perhaps tonight's outcome will allow others to do more of that.

    i hope it will all be civil. but given the tenor of this year's campaign? i'm not so sure.

  3. I couldn't agree with you more.

  4. LindzML Says:

    Very nicely said. I am quite disappointed, as well, but I do hope for the best. I don't want him to fail, as I've already told you. I'm going to church tonight because we're having a huge prayer time that was planned for whomever won the election. I think that's what all of us need to do now: pray. I have hope of all hopes that Obama will step up to this challenge.

  5. magda Says:

    This was really really well said, and I relate completely. I'm trying to see a silver lining here, and I'm sure some good will come. Both men were highly qualified, afterall. But yes, I agree--the really almost violent bite of that party towards anyone who doesn't wholly agree is, to say the least, disheartening.

    I was so impressed by the concession speeches, and I hope--I really, really hope--that we all can just get along. That's the only way change will ever come.

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