Yay for not being so busy that I completely forget! This week's pick:

The Boy In The Striped Pajamas

Starring: David Thewlis, Asa Butterfield, Zac Mattoon O'Brien
Directed by:Mark Herman
Release Date: November 14, 2008

Get your tissues out for this one, just the trailer makes me tear up. Ok, so this one is already released, but I haven't seen previews for it on normal tv, maybe I'm just not watching the right channels.

Pretty much, it's the story of a friendship between the child of a Nazi soldier, Bruno, and a young boy in a concentration camp, Leon. Bruno has no idea what's going on, and has led a completely innocent and sheltered childhood. [see the trailer here!]

What do you think guys? Looks like one that's designed to make you cry, eh? I'm not sure if I'll catch it in theaters, I hate leaving the theater depressed. But still, some people may enjoy it immensely!

Bonus! Because I missed last week...here's the NEWEST Harry Potter trailer!
Man I've been busy, did you miss me? I sure did miss you! I could chronicle everything that I've been up to these past two weeks, but that would just be depressing. Let's just say, it's involved a lot of time in the library, a couple all-nighters, and a lot of stress. How've you been? I've been keeping up with my Reader, so I'm not completely lost on what's been going on!

This week is Thanksgiving (yay!) and one thing I'm thankful for? A ONE DAY WEEK! Yeah, that's right. Yours Truly starts the holiday on Monday at 5pm! I am SO excited for this year's Thanksgiving. First of all, I don't have to travel. Second of all, my mom and brother are driving up from home, and bringing the two puppehs with them! Third, my other brother is Bolting it down here from NYC, and we're all meeting at my uncle's place in VA for one very merry happy Thanksgiving! So it'll be 8 people, 5 dogs, and then 2 guests for dinner on Thursday. And did I mention that I don't have to travel?! Yeah. Totally winning at life right now.

I, personally, am a big fan of big family gatherings. I think it's because I don't have a huge family. I have a total of 4 cousins, and I don't think we've ever had a family reunion. Don't get me wrong, I love my small family, but I've always wanted that big family dinner kind of thing filled with music, laughter, and wine, don't forget the wine!

This year, we have Thanksgiving break, a week of class, and then finals start...um hello end of the semester, where did you come from?! Yeah, I'm not feeling it at all. It's just one more marker close to Real Life which starts in May. Yikes. There's so much more work to be done, I'd rather not think about it, I like to enjoy my time off thank you very much.

Stay tuned for another Movie Monday (sorry I missed it last week...). I've got so many good ones I'm not sure which one to pick!

What's this week shaping up to look like for you guys?!
Happy blogger swap day everyone! I'm Lauren from Half Deserted Streets and I'm excited to take over this blog for the day. Don't worry, I'll be gentile.

When speaking with ohmygoshi, I learned that she's currently swamped with school work, with a (and I quote) " caffeine drip permanently attached to [her] arm." I sympathize with her, I really do, because we've all been through the horrors of cramming for exams. Some people take it calmly - worrying a bit, but convinced that their semester of studying will pay off. Some people ignore books and classwork up until the night before the exam. I was more like the former, whereas my friend Joe was definitely the latter.

During my sophomore year of college, Joe and I had Irish Literature together - a class that focused on plays written by Irish writers. I only remember She Stoops to Conquer so clearly I learned a lot in that class. As the final exam approached, Joe and I started to cram each night. Knowing his way of studying, I forced him to come over and go over notes with me. We'd reenact the plays and use different voices for each character. We'd attempt the Irish accent, but that never went well. Mine always came out sounding like a southern version of Lucky, the leprechaun. "She stoops to conquer...me lucky charms!"

The night before the exam was memorable. I had just finished up a final essay for my Literary Theory class when Joe came over. Holding something behind his back, I knew he was up to no good. With a glimmer in his eye, he presented me with it... a tiny white bottle of NoDoz.

"Oh no. I can't, Joe!"
"Why not? We can stay up all night!"
"I don't drink caffeine." I protested, "Imagine me taking these? I'd foam at the mouth or something." I had given up caffeine in high school. After learning I was hypoglycemic by fainting from lack of food while ordering a meal at a Subway sub shop (true story) the doctor said I should lay off the caffeine.
"Fine, then, more for me!"

With that, he popped five pills in his mouth.

"Joe. Seriously. Are you crazy?"
"YES I AM!" And then he had three more.
"GIVE ME THOSE!" I yelled, grabbing the bottle. My roommate Amy heard the commotion and came out of her bedroom.
"What's going on?" She asked.
"Joe's trying to overdose on NoDoz." I matter of factly replied.
"Sweet! I want in!" Oh Amy, she always wanted to join. With that, she took two pills. Joe grabbed one more out of my hand before I could say anything. I had the last one because I didn't want him to die.

After preparing some snacks, we finally got to reviewing the ten plays we had to know for the exam. A few hours later all plans backfired. Joe went crazy. Now, to be honest, Joe was known for doing some insane things. He jumped out of a second story window into bushes just for fun. He belayed off the top of our dormitory down to the ground. He ate the mystery meat in the cafeteria. Nothing ever surprised me when it came to Joe, except for this night. Grabbing some orange electrical tape I had left over from a Halloween costume, he taped his fingers together and ran down our dorm's hallways creaming "Lobster lobster lobster! I'm a lobster man!" He jumped on my bed for ten minutes straight. He grabbed a water gun and ran up and down the stairs, looking out for "suspicious people." I followed him the entire time, making sure he was okay. He had so much energy that nothing could contain him. But with all highs come lows and a bit later a very large low hit.

Joe thought he was going to die.

Sitting with my head in my hands wondering if we'd ever get back to studying, he crept over to me and said, "Lauren? I, um, I think I need to see a doctor. I think I had too many pills. I'm dying. Yes, definitely dying."

At 19 years old, what do you do when one of your best friends admits to you that they think they're dying? That's right, you freak out. As Joe's face grew whiter and sweatier, I grabbed my keys and roommate and ran to my car, holding on to Joe, acting as his support. Amy drove and I silently prayed for Joe to be okay.

At the hospital Joe told me that at his funeral he wanted the song "California Love" by TuPac played. I filled out forms and answered questions while he planned what foods were to be had. I answered every person, assuring them that No, he was not trying to commit suicide, we just had a test. A very hard test. He likes life, he wants to keep living.

Still jittery, Joe tried to concentrate on the doctor as he said that everything would be fine. Joe got an injection that sped up the NoDoz and he was prohibited from ever touching it again. I thanked the doctor and told him that I'd watch over the patient. To this day, I'm almost certain he hasn't had NoDoz again.

Back at home, I let Joe sleep in my bed as I cleaned up our living room when hurricane Joe pummeled through. I sent a quick e-mail to our teacher letting her know that we wouldn't be at the exam due to a hospital visit and asked when we could make it up.

Hours later Joe woke up in a haze. He found me reading the teacher's response, telling us that we were fine and to find her later that day to schedule a retake. "What happened?" both her e-mail read and Joe asked.

"Oh, not much. Just your average NoDoz overdose. You know, the usual."
I've decided to start a new series entitled Movie Mondays.

Every Monday I will post a new trailer and description of an upcoming movie. I decided to do this, because A) Mondays SUCK. and B). to give you all bragging rights to scoff and say "Oh! I saw that trailer MONTHS ago! I'm so excited!" I'll do my best to post trailers directly, but I want you to get the best viewing experience, so I'll most likely direct you to the official website or Apple Trailers.

So...without further ado, today's pick of the week:

Marley and Me
Starring: Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson
Directed by: David Frankel
Genre: Comedy
Release Date: December 25, 2008

"The heartwarming and unforgettable story of a family in the making and the wondrously neurotic dog who taught them what really matters in life." {see the trailer here!}

I saw this trailer last night, and immediately thought "AWWWWW" I mean, who wouldn't love a puppy like that?! It's the typical "feel-good" movie, that I'll be recommending to the fam for one of our Forced Family Fun events over the holidays.
shuffles in looking extremely disheveled, hair a mess, wearing red sweatpants, a blue t-shirt, an ITALIA zipup sweater, and purple flats. blank stare.



shuffles out

end scene.
Well, it's about 11:35pm and John McCain has just given his concession speech. Barack Obama has just been projected announced as the next President Elect of the United States of America.

I am, needless to say, disappointed.

I'm disappointed in the way I was treated today for voting how I did. I'm disappointed in the remarks that were said to me, things like "I hope that every woman that voted for McCain needs an abortion sometime soon." I'm disappointed in the awful things that were said about John McCain tonight. For a party that screams for all things fair and equal, some certainly don't show it at all.

However, I do hope for the best for this country. There is nothing else I'd rather be than an American citizen. I hope that Obama lives up to everything that people believe, and he turns this country around in a good way. I hope that in two years I can say, "I was wrong, Obama was just what this country needed." I pray that he keeps this country safe, and that terrorists don't see this as their opportunity to attack with no consequences. I pray that his lack of experience doesn't hurt us. I hope that he doesn't rush the troops out of Iraq and collapse everything that has been accomplished. Our government is going to be mostly Blue, and that worries me. I wonder how effective a two-party government is when it's entirely controlled by one.

I think McCain gave a very graceful and inspiring speech, and I can't blame him or Sarah Palin for being a little teary eyed, as I myself teared up a bit. It was an emotional ride and a battle well fought. Still, I know some people will laugh at it, and continue to make rude and disrespectful remarks.

In all fairness, Obama delivered an amazing speech tonight. I heard Obama speak to me directly as an "un-won vote" and I can only hope that he hears me the way he promised to.

I've been praying for the outcome for several weeks now, and I'll continue to pray to God for the safety, guidance, and wisdom for our new President. I am so blessed to be given so many freedoms and rights in this country simply for being born within it's borders, something so many people in this world don't have. Tonight was indeed a historic night, and despite my disappointment, I'm still so so proud to be an American.

I hope you are too.

Northwest DCers with Red Starbucks cups. Guess what fashionable cup is on it's way out for the season? Don't worry, LonelyWhiteCup will be sure to make an appearance now and then, but only when Red doesn't feel like coming out to play.


I just re-read this post, and it kind of came off that I was trying to project the election tonight, and I wasn't! I was just excited about seeing the red starbucks cups!
SO, I was all set to blog last week with a couple of different topics, and then my midterm went horribly wrong on Thursday, so that pretty much depressed me for the rest of the weekend. NOT a fun way to start Halloween!

But here I am, on a temporary reprieve from my sadness (which is sure to return Monday with the return of said midterm), and I thought I'd go ahead and fill out some random facts about me that Magda tagged me for. I was actually planning on doing something similar earlier this week anyways, but I guess great minds think alike.

When I get really nervous, I talk...a lot. It's so embarrassing. I usually walk away thinking "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU SAY?!" Yeah, I usually tend to ramble on and on, or try to be funny, and that just ends in crickets chirping. I always know when I'm doing it, but it's like tourettes, I just can't help myself.

Sometimes, while I'm waiting for the metro or the bus, I'll make up stories that I think belong to the people walking past me. I usually try to figure out what kind of day they are having just based on their faces or eyes or the way they carry themselves. Did you know Washington D.C. is the city with the most plain clothes spies in the world?! They're ALL OVER THE PLACE! I try to see who I think would be a spy. It's a fun little game that keeps me entertained for hours.

I absolutely LOVE mac and cheese. Seriously. I heart the Kraft version, it used to be the only kind I ate, but I've widened my variety. And I'm always on the lookout for new types of mac and cheese. Next time I'm in NYC, I'm makin' a beeline for S'Mac. When I do eat it out of a box, I prefer the spiral kind.

Another thing I LOVE, possibly more than mac and cheese, DIM SUM! words cannot express how much I enjoy dim sum. There's this place we go to at home that has the BEST dim sum in central fl. Seriously. We usually hit it up after church on Sundays, because that's when the ladies will walk around with their little dim sum carts and you can just pick and choose what you want. My brothers and I love to make a game out of counting the number of white people in the one-room restaurant. Our mom included, there's usually about 3 or 4. A lot of mixed families go in, which warms my little half-asian heart.

Sometimes I cheat when playing candyland with a four year old. But I have my reasons! When it's been a long day, and we've made a deal that it's bedtime after this last round, and he's so close to the top with King Kandy, and I see his next card would be the dismal Gingerbread Man alllll the way at the beginning, I switch some cards around. I'm not sorry either. I'd much rather hear him gloat about winning than hear him cry about how I "always win!".

I have two wedding songs picked out...despite the fact I don't have a groom yet. Or even a boyfriend. I'm super excited for them too, because I'm pretty sure they're still fairly unknown (at this point), so hopefully they won't be too exhausted by the time I actually get to use them. If they are, I'll be super pissed.

For tagging I'll do....
Kevin from Two Wangs Do Make A Right
aaaaaand You, whoever that may be.

Happy November, let the Holiday Season officially begin!