So, yesterday, I was standing at the corner and the crosswalk still had a few seconds left on it, but I decided to wait because I saw my friend coming up my side of the sidewalk. A couple others go for it, because like I said, there was still time on the clock. Well, all of a sudden, this cop comes SPEEDING around the circle, trying to make it through his yellow light, and has to slam on his brakes for the remaining crossing pedestrian. This kid happens to be someone I've known since freshman year. The cop honked at the poor guy, and then SCREAMED at him. The guy was obviously totally confused as to what had just happened, and didn't really understand why someone was yelling at him. This upset the cop, who then decided that he wasn't in a hurry after all, and could take the time to pull my friend over to give him a ticket.

Are you serious?? He still had time on the clock! The only reason he stopped was because you YELLED at him, you moron!

Another fun cop story: A couple weeks ago, a friend was driving on the interstate, and saw that there were two cops pulling someone over on the side of the road. She calmly merged into the other lane, because of the law that states you can't be in the lane closest to the cop when he's pulling someone over. She's keeping up with all the traffic, and is not going excessively over the 75 mph speed limit. Next thing she knows, one of the cops got into his car, caught up to her, and pulled her over! Genuinely confused, she wanted to know how fast she was going, because according to her it was just about 75. The cop was extremely rude and stated that they clocked her as going 85. Um, how? You were out of your car, and there were so many people that passed by at that second, how could you POSSIBLY know it was her?

I understand that not all cops are power tripping fools who get off on making people squirm, but I can't say I know any.

Have I mentioned I'm not a huge fan of cops?
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  1. Z Says:

    Ugh for both stories. I hate abuse of power like that, by anyone in any form...

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Booo. I've never actually met a policeman, knock on wood. But I don't think I want to. Also, I can't BELIEVE he gave your pedestrian friend a ticket. I've never j-walked like I do in DC; I swear it's part of the culture. I've actually seen cops j-walk in this city. That's when I officially decided it was okay. booo again, stupid yelling man and ticket writer. He must have been having a really bad day.

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