I was tagged a few days ago by TexasLauren, and I figured today would be a good day to catch up on it. so here are some faves of mine:

1. Clothes Shop
This is a toughie. I do like forever 21, but usually just for going out clothes. For serious things I like Ann Taylor Loft or Express.

2. Furniture Shop
To look at and dream: Crate & Barrel. Oh love.
To actually buy from: Ikea. or Target.

3. City
Hmm...right now I'm going to say Osaka, Japan. I've been dying to go back, and I'm determined to find a way.

4. Sweet
Chili's Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie....it's like heaven in your mouth. My family splits two, between the four of us.

5. Drink
Like alcoholic? Pooja's Punch! i think the ingredients are rum, pineapple juice, cherry juice? and two cherries? I could be wrong though...

6. Music
I love all music, seriously. Right now, I'm on a big acoustic kick.

7. TV series

Bones, Fringe, Brothers & Sisters, Grey's Anatomy! I could go on and on...

8. Film
Sliding Doors. I love everything about it. The whole "What-if" scenario never fails to entertain me.

9. Workout
Yoga. Hands down. Pure Barre is a close second. and running is dead last.

10. Pastries
Um...Chocolate filled croissants? Please and thank you!

11. Coffee
Oh, so many options here. In high school, we contemplated trying to invent a "coffee iv drip", but then decided we didn't have enough time to fully think it through. Instead we resorted to chocolate covered coffee beans. At 7:15 in the morning. This was after I had already polished off a starbucks double shot and bottled mocha frap. Yeah. Nowadays, I tend to brew it at home and add some Hazelnut coffeemate. The rare times I do buy, I try to get it from the coffeeshop on campus. Hazelnut latte is mmm mmm good.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I spent a summer in Japan, but was only at the airport in Osaka. I wish I could have seen it.

    The airport, however, is very cool! I've seen the discovery channel, or history channel, or whatever's documentary on it about a billion times.

    Oh, and crate&barrel love, yes please :) I just got their winter catalog last night. I kind of want to put it under my pillow and see if the tooth fairy will deliver.

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