My stalking searching abilities are really good, in fact, so good, I probably shouldn't announce that to the interweb. But I follow the logic that if it's online, it's game for being found. I follow this in my own life too, and don't post anything (here or on fbook) that I wouldn't want to be found by someone. I've recently started a massive picture de-tagging spree, there are far too many unpleasant photos of me up there. I'm pretty observant and maybe I'm just super creative in what I choose to search for, but I can usually find what I'm looking for.

However, I've found that some things you have no control of. For example, I googled myself today, and was somewhat intrigued by things that I found. There are some interesting articles about me from a major project/competition I was involved in. Random people "@ tweeted" at me that I never knew about, and a few random references (what in the world is technorati? someone fill me in!). I do know that several people out there know my nickname and have googled it to find me, I'm fine with that. I have opened a window to my life, knowing that there will be a few people looking in that I'd rather not be there, but I don't want to make this place completely private. I revel in finding new people through other people's blogs, and I love it when people connect to me through it. I have, on occasion, thought of starting up a completely separate, anonymous blog somewhere out there and then having the freedom the post whatever I want without being worried about who will or will not see it. The only reason I haven't yet is because I haven't thought of something that will make me totally unidentifiable in terms of blog name and user.

I have several friends who ask me "what's the point of blogging? Why put it all out on the internet for everyone to read?" My answer? Because I want to. I see this place as being somewhere that is completely mine. I can express my opinions, and say whatever I want to say. It's also a great creative outlet, and I like to think that my writing has improved since I started. And finally, the "blogosphere" is such a great community. People connecting with strangers through a few strokes on a keyboard is something that continues to fascinate me (in a noncreepy way). I have made several friends through blogging, and although I've never actually met them face-to-face, they are still people that I've come to care about.

That's not to say that I've abandoned all my real friends. I'm not about to dive into the creepy world of "Second-Life" or anything like that, even The Sims got to be too much for me. I'm not interested in living a different life than what I do in reality, which is why I think the blog works for me. I put pieces of who I really am out there.

What are your thoughts? Do you have friends who don't quite get the whole "blogging" thing? What were your reasons for starting your blog?
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Most of my friends don't get the blog thing ... which is probably why I don't really tell them about my participation in it. Anyone who knows me would read my blog and know it was me. They might even find it and start to wonder if it was me. Nothing is truly secret, and sure as there is something scary about posting to the big, wide internet, there's also something really freeing: being able to let go, to say "here's what I'm thinking," to contribute to the conversation and have a piece of the action.

    I am careful not to say anything really inflammatory, and I keep the mentality that my blog is my space for me--I reflect on me, I don't try to change the world.

    I'm also in love with the people I've found. Even though my thoughts could be read by a billion people, I feel pretty close to those who regularly read and comment; it's like a community of people, all in the same place, all looking for the same thing, all going in the same direction, even if in totally different places. It's a really beautiful thing.

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