I've noticed I get a lot more traffic than comments. What gives, yo?? Do I smell?

Are you a silent lurker? Casual reader? Searchin' for an image? Say hello!

Like what you see? Leave me a comment!

Want to be my friend? Yay!

Disagree with something I said? Let me know! I'd love to continue any discussion with you either through the blog or email.

Have an AWESOME etsy recommendation? PSHHH send it over! I love am minorly obsessed with all things etsy.

Think I'm incredibly cute and want to date me? Well, that one's a little weirder, but I'm still open to nice compliments. :)

Think I need to get my shit together and do something productive with my life? Join the club.

I know you're there! I've got the numbers to prove it. Show yo self!
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10 Responses
  1. Ben Says:


    I'm here...as usual...just quiet...

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I'm here, but I tend to be a bit of a lurker. I often can't think of anything sensible to write other than 'Great post!!!' and that looks like I'm just trying to get links to my blog up everywhere...
    Maybe I should stop caring so much about what I think other people think ;-)

  3. Jamie Lovely Says:

    I always read. I've just been a bad blog friend with the commenting :(

    I have a whole blog of etsy recs for you!


  4. chickbug Says:

    i'm always here, but you know that!

  5. Hi! I think I've left comments before, but if not, then here's one for today! ;) I read all the time.

  6. thanks for the metro info! here's a comment for your trafficking pleasure :)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    hi hi hi, I'm here to say that I think you're all kinds of fabulous. I love your posts for being such an eclectic mix of your thoughts, your life, and your insights. Keep up the bloggy goodness :)

  8. Lexiloo Says:

    I loooooooooove etsy!!! I bought the most adorable tea towel there last week and now want the matching apron...

  9. Mrs. Q Says:

    I just recently found you. Sending you love from TX. ♥

  10. Z Says:

    Been a little behind on my blog-reading, so HI! a bit late... but I've commented before, you know I'm here :)

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