Dear Redskins,

Welcome back, boys! I've been counting down the days until your return since January. But, last night was rough. Really rough. There are a lot of things to be learned from it, and you have until NEXT Sunday to learn them. Chalk it up to whatever you want, National TV opening night jitters, playing the SuperBowl Champs at their home stadium, that unfortunate sack during our first possession, new regime, injuries...there are plenty of reasons. It's ok. It was the first game, these things happen. It probably won't be a deal-breaker in the end, and we can all gloat when the Giants suffer their first loss, because let's face it, they're nothing special. Eli made plenty of mistakes last night too.

SO, whatever that was bothering you last night, just shake it off. Take a few minutes to collect your thoughts, and then get back to work. We ended on a good note last year, and the whole community was oh-so-proud of you for making it to the playoffs. Let's go even farther this year, dare I say, to the Superbowl?

What made last night even worse was when my fresh nyc implant of a brother (who hasn't even decided if he wants to be a Giants fan or a Jets fan...) IMed me to gloat about the loss. I'm looking forward to rubbing it in his face next time. You know you want to, too.

In conclusion, I'm going to erase last night from my memory, and pretend like September 14 is really opening night. I'll consider it a fluke. I'm pumped for the season, and I know that next week the Rams will wish they'd only come to Washington to see the Monuments.

Looking forward to seeing you in person sometime this season!

Devoted Fan Ohmygoshi
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