So, after that fiasco over the summer, I thought all my problems with Dell were over, and I would never have to spend my time on the phone with them again. Wrong. Oh. So. Wrong.

The other day as I was diddling about searching for the end of the interweb, I noticed my laptop screen start to flicker a little bit. Kind of weird, but whatever. So then, a few days later, it started to do it even more. For my screensaver, I just have the monitor turn off. I did have a picture slideshow, but after I lost (mourn) my pictures, I haven't been able to do that yet (they are all sitting on the external harddrive that belongs to someone who miraculously retrieved them using some miracle software designed by God Himself). So I come back from being away all day, and the screen pops up for about 5 minutes then starts to flicker then goes completely black.


I have this little button right where the monitor meets the keypad that turns the monitor off when you shut the computer, and I pushed it and my screen came back to me.


But (and you knew it was coming) then it started doing this more often. I called Dell, and explained my problem to someone, who transferred me to another person, who listened to me, and then transferred me to another person who listened to me, but apparently didn't understand a word I was saying. He made me shut the computer off and run diagnostics and then made me connect to Dell Online so he could run the laptop. Ugh, it was a nightmare. . He said, "Yes Ma'am, we need to diagnose the problem" and I tried explaining that I was pretty sure it wasn't a diagnostic problem, and I think the LCD backlight is just burned out. I could see images on the screen, but it was like someone turned the light out. And he said "I see..." and then he wanted to update the drivers. This is when my head exploded. I told him, "no no no...I JUST updated ALL of the drivers in July. Brandnew harddrive, brand new drivers. I promise"

But no. He insisted on seeing for himself. So he attempted to flash the drivers (if you know what this means, please explain it to me). And a warning box popped up saying it was dangerous and could be harmful to my computer to do that. And he just clicked away. All the while I'm thinking, "If you screw up my computer even more, I will personally fly myself to where you are and kill you myself". Once he realized that, no my Bios Driver did not need updating, he said "hold on for a few moments Ma'am" and then click he was gone and I was disconnected.

This is after I spent 45 WEEKDAY minutes on the phone with him.


My problem wasn't solved. I had no technician coming to my house to fix it. Nothing. I was pissed. But it stopped flickering, so I hoped and prayed that it just needed to be restarted.

Wrong. Again. Tonight it wouldn't even stay lit for more than 2 seconds. I tried and tried and restarted and still got nothing. So I was forced to call Hell Dell again. This time I spoke to Rumy and told her what happened and she goes "Oh. Sounds like you have a problem with your LCD backlight. We'll have to send someone out to fix it for you". It was at that moment that she could have asked me to do anything for her and I would have. She took my address and told me someone would hopefully be there by Tuesday.

Bing Bang Boom. Problem solved in less than 20 minutes. In the meantime, I have figured out that if I put my screen on the lowest setting, it stays lit. Which sucks, but is better than nothing.

I kindly asked her to put a rush on it because the laptop is my UMBILICAL CORD TO THE WORLD AND ASKING ME TO LIVE WITHOUT IT IS LIKE ASKING YOU NOT TO BREATHE. She laughed.

I think she thought hoped I was joking.
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  1. Mrs. Q Says:

    Dells suck. But I'm sure you are aware by now. I haate calling customer service of any kind...I always get 'sent' to India... Solution: Ask for a Mac for Christmas or Graduation. It was the best investment I ever made! Good luck.

  2. Hey Ohmygoshi- I actually work for Dell. If someone isn't out to help you with your computer by the time they promised, send me an email, and I can escalate your issue internally and get someone on this ASAP. You can email me at TexasLauren77 (at) gmail (dot) com.

  3. Z Says:

    GAH. Annoying. As I find many, many customer service operations... Hope it gets fixed!!!

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