I've noticed that I get A LOT of traffic from people googling "how to defriend on facebook" or "ex defriending on facebook" and many different variations. I've decided to go ahead and post a "how to" guide and some answers to questions people may have about facebook.

OK, so first, as much as I despise "defriending" on facebook, if you really must do it, then so be it. First go to whoever's profile you are looking to remove. Then, scroll down the page, and at the bottom of the left hand boxes (usually the pictures) there will be a button that says "Remove Friend" click it, as seen here:*

See? Easy as pie.

Now, to answer a few questions:

How to see who defriended me on facebook?
Sorry sweets, there's no doing it without looking through all 1293 friends of yours and seeing if you can remember the one person who ISN'T there anymore.

Should I defriend my former friend?
NO! Defriending is dumb! Just say NO to defriending. How else are you going to properly facebook stalk them if you defriend them?

Can someone tell if I defriend them?
*sigh* There is no annoucement that you've been defriended, so worry not. They will only know when they try to post on your wall or see your profile, only to be blocked. But it would be nice if you sent them a message saying that you were not going to be friends anymore so it wouldn't be a total shock.

So there is my how-to guide on Facebook Defriending. Hope I helped you out in your quest for Facebook answers.

*No friends were actually defriended in the making of this post.
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  1. chickbug Says:

    lol. this post made me smile. especially your * at the bottom.

  2. Lexiloo Says:

    this made me laugh. a few weeks ago, I was on myspace, and I noticed that I had one less friend. I went through and couldn't figure out who was gone. the worst part of this story? it was someone in my "top friends!" does this make me a bad friend that I can't remember who was in my top friends?!

  3. LindzML Says:


    You gonna die.

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