I've been spending some time perusing the comments of a favorite blogger of mine, because she wrote a fairly strong opinioned post on her political views. While, I don't have time to read all 2000 comments, I do jump around from page to page and skim a lot of them. I think it's awesome how many young people seemed to be involved in this year's election. I'm proud to say that I will be joining them as I cast my vote in November.

However, one line really caught my attention, "...I am scared and hopeful that the outcome won't be given to the barely liftable arms of John McCain". This really shocked me, and not because of her political stance. It made me wonder if this person even had a clue as to why McCain's arms are "barely liftable". Did she think it was because he's old? Maybe he was just tired? Has she done any research on the other Presidential candidate at all, or is she just that mesmerized by the oratory greatness that is Barack Obama?

McCain is unable to lift his arms above his head because of his war injuries that were never properly treated. He is unable to lift his arms because he was a POW for five years. He's unable to lift his arms above his head because he was fighting against communism in a war that a Democrat President lead the United States into. And all this before Obama's 12th birthday. Say what you will about McCain's politics and values, but I think it is difficult to deny him the proper respect as a Veteran of the United States military.

To that particular commenter, all I have to say is do your research first, them come back and we'll see what you have to say about John McCain's "barely liftable" arms.
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  1. Ben Says:

    Politics on blogs seems to be bringing the worst out in people this year...

  2. Amen. Regardless of what people's political views are, they should show a little respect. And what that girl said was WAY out of line.

  3. LindzML Says:

    Yeah I have a whole political post written. It's been written since last Thursday. And I can't bring myself to post it...mostly because I'm terrified of what people will comment. I haven't officially decided who I'm voting for yet. This is a big election, and it's my first election. After reading around one-third of the comments on that blog, I gave up. I hate hearing the awful things people say about others they HAVEN'T EVEN MET.

  4. Tipp Says:

    As a former military spouse that makes me want to pick that person up and hurl them in the middle of Osama's camp. THEN maybe she will understand the amount of courage it takes to stay strong in the face of an enemy.

    A bit harsh? Perhaps. But crap like that drives me CRAZY!

    Thank you for this post. That was over the line. I feel like it was out of pure meaness and not ignorance. No one can be that ignorant.

  5. Tipp Says:

    And as for Dooce, she is only shooting herself in the foot being so outspoken. Her livlihood is her traffic and she is pissing people off. She may live to regret it.

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