Well, I think the title says it all. Since my discovery of the "google reader" i have been amazed.

Instead of having to remember all the blogs I read, I simply refer to my handy dandy reader. There is no more constantly checking each blog for an update, my google reader tells me when there is (although sometimes it's a little slow on the uptake...).

However, there is also a downside to the reader. If left to it's own devices, it can collect almost 50 new entries. That is just a tiiiny bit intimidating (though admittedly no where near as bad as some of you out there ;) ) . Also, I don't comment nearly as much as I used to. True, if something really strikes me, I'll make the effort to go and leave a comment, but not all the time. Sometimes, I'll say that I'll come back to comment later once I've thought of how to word my response, but then I just forget, and it gets lost among the non bolded links.

le sigh.

So, this is me apologizing to all my dear bloggy friends. I am still reading every single day even if I don't always make myself known! My reader is as close to a best friend as I can get with the interweb. It contains all my favorites, who make me think, laugh, cry, remember, and ooh and ahh at the fabulous etsy and pink finds. You offer help. You inspire me. I can relate to you. and I hope to see things the way you do. So many awesome new (and old!!) friends.*


* not even a fraction of the blogs that I read! :)

Today...was a crappy day. My LCD screen officially gave out, the technician supposedly "called the wrong number" this morning, so I never actually heard from him. My new phone and banana bread package haven't arrived, yet my brother in NYC got his. Comcast doesn't service my building, so I can't get the cheaper internet/cable I was hoping for. I have a headache. My back hurts. and I'm having weird cramps on my left side.

I think I officially earned the right to say that today sucked.


I found this video, and it kind of made things better. It's a great combination of some of my new and old favorite things. So, I'm passing it along to all of you that are having a bad day, and hope that it makes your day just a little bit better.

PS go check out Eric Hutchinson, he's definitely on top of my New Favorites list.
So, after that fiasco over the summer, I thought all my problems with Dell were over, and I would never have to spend my time on the phone with them again. Wrong. Oh. So. Wrong.

The other day as I was diddling about searching for the end of the interweb, I noticed my laptop screen start to flicker a little bit. Kind of weird, but whatever. So then, a few days later, it started to do it even more. For my screensaver, I just have the monitor turn off. I did have a picture slideshow, but after I lost (mourn) my pictures, I haven't been able to do that yet (they are all sitting on the external harddrive that belongs to someone who miraculously retrieved them using some miracle software designed by God Himself). So I come back from being away all day, and the screen pops up for about 5 minutes then starts to flicker then goes completely black.


I have this little button right where the monitor meets the keypad that turns the monitor off when you shut the computer, and I pushed it and my screen came back to me.


But (and you knew it was coming) then it started doing this more often. I called Dell, and explained my problem to someone, who transferred me to another person, who listened to me, and then transferred me to another person who listened to me, but apparently didn't understand a word I was saying. He made me shut the computer off and run diagnostics and then made me connect to Dell Online so he could run the laptop. Ugh, it was a nightmare. . He said, "Yes Ma'am, we need to diagnose the problem" and I tried explaining that I was pretty sure it wasn't a diagnostic problem, and I think the LCD backlight is just burned out. I could see images on the screen, but it was like someone turned the light out. And he said "I see..." and then he wanted to update the drivers. This is when my head exploded. I told him, "no no no...I JUST updated ALL of the drivers in July. Brandnew harddrive, brand new drivers. I promise"

But no. He insisted on seeing for himself. So he attempted to flash the drivers (if you know what this means, please explain it to me). And a warning box popped up saying it was dangerous and could be harmful to my computer to do that. And he just clicked away. All the while I'm thinking, "If you screw up my computer even more, I will personally fly myself to where you are and kill you myself". Once he realized that, no my Bios Driver did not need updating, he said "hold on for a few moments Ma'am" and then click he was gone and I was disconnected.

This is after I spent 45 WEEKDAY minutes on the phone with him.


My problem wasn't solved. I had no technician coming to my house to fix it. Nothing. I was pissed. But it stopped flickering, so I hoped and prayed that it just needed to be restarted.

Wrong. Again. Tonight it wouldn't even stay lit for more than 2 seconds. I tried and tried and restarted and still got nothing. So I was forced to call Hell Dell again. This time I spoke to Rumy and told her what happened and she goes "Oh. Sounds like you have a problem with your LCD backlight. We'll have to send someone out to fix it for you". It was at that moment that she could have asked me to do anything for her and I would have. She took my address and told me someone would hopefully be there by Tuesday.

Bing Bang Boom. Problem solved in less than 20 minutes. In the meantime, I have figured out that if I put my screen on the lowest setting, it stays lit. Which sucks, but is better than nothing.

I kindly asked her to put a rush on it because the laptop is my UMBILICAL CORD TO THE WORLD AND ASKING ME TO LIVE WITHOUT IT IS LIKE ASKING YOU NOT TO BREATHE. She laughed.

I think she thought hoped I was joking.
There are some lessons we learn early on that stay with us for life. Like, for example, my last post is a lesson that I totally learned when I was a kid: begging always works. Seriously, it was so awesome to see all you lurkers come out of the woodwork! I definitely made some new friends and added to my google reader! Don't be a stranger! Say hi more often.

And then there are other lessons that we learn over and over and never fully "get it". Like, thinking you can get a week's worth of homework accomplished in ONE NIGHT. HAHA. oops.

So yeah, I don't know whether to laugh or cry right now. Is anyone else scared for the future of this country? And I'm not necessarily talking about who's going to take over as Chief Executive come January. I'm talking more about the massive drops in the stock market. The Dow Jones closed almost 450 points down yesterday. Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, AIG, and let's not forget our favorite twins Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac...what the hell is going on? We're some of the richest people in the world, yet one by one, our banks are crashing down. It's not just us hurting, it's a ripple effect being felt across the globe. Foreign countries that were so heavily invested in these huge banks are now scrambling to come up with the capital. The best part is, we haven't even seen the worst of it. We're in the top of the 3rd inning, with another 6 innings to go, at the least. And sure, I don't have kids, a house, a car, or a huge mortage to worry about right now, but the future is looking pretty bleak. The job market is only going to be that much more competitive what with thousands suddenly out of work and willing to take a huge paycut.

This is living history. We could be on the cusp of a huge crisis here, and yet some people have the audacity to tell me not to worry about things. For real? Mister, I'm pretty sure that it was that kind of attitude that got you in huge trouble to begin with.

I know that my fears are slightly exaggerated, but they are still there. Who knows where we'll be in 5 years. Perhaps this will all be a distant memory and we'll be able to say "whew, that was close." I do have full confidence that we will be able to get through this, I just wonder what it's going to cost us in the end.

I'd love to get your opinions on this topic.
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I've noticed that I get A LOT of traffic from people googling "how to defriend on facebook" or "ex defriending on facebook" and many different variations. I've decided to go ahead and post a "how to" guide and some answers to questions people may have about facebook.

OK, so first, as much as I despise "defriending" on facebook, if you really must do it, then so be it. First go to whoever's profile you are looking to remove. Then, scroll down the page, and at the bottom of the left hand boxes (usually the pictures) there will be a button that says "Remove Friend" click it, as seen here:*

See? Easy as pie.

Now, to answer a few questions:

How to see who defriended me on facebook?
Sorry sweets, there's no doing it without looking through all 1293 friends of yours and seeing if you can remember the one person who ISN'T there anymore.

Should I defriend my former friend?
NO! Defriending is dumb! Just say NO to defriending. How else are you going to properly facebook stalk them if you defriend them?

Can someone tell if I defriend them?
*sigh* There is no annoucement that you've been defriended, so worry not. They will only know when they try to post on your wall or see your profile, only to be blocked. But it would be nice if you sent them a message saying that you were not going to be friends anymore so it wouldn't be a total shock.

So there is my how-to guide on Facebook Defriending. Hope I helped you out in your quest for Facebook answers.

*No friends were actually defriended in the making of this post.
It was freshman year. I sleepily walked to the bus stop in the dark, carrying my water jug and dance bag, ready for a long day of school and practice after. While we waited for the bus, my friend told me about the bad dream she'd had the night before. She dreamt that we were waiting for the bus and there were theses planes flying above us and all of a sudden, they just exploded in the air. At the time, it was nothing more than a scary dream.

We had a math quiz that day. It was third period, and that's when we normally watch the morning announcements. We turned the tv on to news about the Pentagon being on fire. Coach Klein told the tv off, no morning announcements that day because we "got a quiz today, folks". When the bell rang, the hall was filled with chatter, "Did you hear what happened?"
"A plane flew into the a building in New York"
"New York? I heard something about the Pentagon"

Fourth period was biology. The tv was already on when we got there. Our teacher's mom was a flight attendant flying out to L.A. that day. Our class was silent as we watched the CNN reports coming in while our teacher frantically tried dialing family to get a location on her mom. We were horrorstruck as we watched the North Tower collapse in front of us. One second it was there, and the next second it was hurtling towards the ground in billions of pieces. There was an annoucement over the loudspeaker telling us what we already knew. There had been an attack. The United States was under attack. I don't remember much about the day, except that all after school activities had been cancelled, so instead of practice, we were told to go home and hug our families. I came home to find my mom sitting on the floor in front of the TV, and we continued to watch in silence.

Who would have guessed that seven years later, I'd be in one of the cities that were attacked, and my brother in the other. Right after the attacks, no one cared who was a Republican or a Democrat. All that mattered was that we were one. One country, the name says it all, United.

The memories from that day have been blurred, mixing in with ones of happier times. The country, as a whole, had to move on. While the memories of that day move to the back of our minds sometimes, they always return. And they always will.
Things are finally starting to fall into place, and I'm beginning to settle down into a routine. Yesterday I stepped outside for a small walk, and I felt the cool breeze ever so slightly rush by. It was late afternoon, and the sun was starting to set, giving out it's last burst of orange sunlight. It was then that I knew, fall is on it's way.

I love the fall and holidays that come with it. I love the reds and oranges and browns and the crispness of the air! I love the crunchiness of the leaves on the ground, and make it a point to step on as many as possible. I love football season, I love the fall wardrobe with it's sweaters and long sleeve shirts, when it's cold enough to require a sweater, but too warm for a heavy jacket. I love the thought of Thanksgiving and Christmas being right around the corner, and the all around cheeriness of the season. I love that this year, Thanksgiving is going to be filled with all kinds of family and I don't even have to get on a plane to get there. I love the smell of food, enveloping a warm house filled with sounds of the season. I love the way the sun looks in the afternoon, making the colors pop even more. I love that people do things just because "it's the holidays". I love the busyness of the shopping malls and downtown Georgetown, how everyone, myself included, is shopping with a distinct purpose of finding "the perfect gift" to the tune of Jingle Bells playing in the background. This year the air is tinged with even more excitement with the upcoming election in November.

Full confession: another great thing I love about the fall/winter: the red Starbucks cups! I don't know why but they just make me happy! As soon as I see someone walking with one, I make a beeline for the closest Starbucks to order a piping hot cappuccino or white chocolate mocha.

I love wearing hats and gloves and scarves and boots. I love to see the Christmas trees in the windows and the colorful lights on the houses. I love the soft glow that comes from sitting in a room with no lights except those on the tree in front of you. I love that it's a time for family and friends.

I love that fall is on it's way!
I've been spending some time perusing the comments of a favorite blogger of mine, because she wrote a fairly strong opinioned post on her political views. While, I don't have time to read all 2000 comments, I do jump around from page to page and skim a lot of them. I think it's awesome how many young people seemed to be involved in this year's election. I'm proud to say that I will be joining them as I cast my vote in November.

However, one line really caught my attention, "...I am scared and hopeful that the outcome won't be given to the barely liftable arms of John McCain". This really shocked me, and not because of her political stance. It made me wonder if this person even had a clue as to why McCain's arms are "barely liftable". Did she think it was because he's old? Maybe he was just tired? Has she done any research on the other Presidential candidate at all, or is she just that mesmerized by the oratory greatness that is Barack Obama?

McCain is unable to lift his arms above his head because of his war injuries that were never properly treated. He is unable to lift his arms because he was a POW for five years. He's unable to lift his arms above his head because he was fighting against communism in a war that a Democrat President lead the United States into. And all this before Obama's 12th birthday. Say what you will about McCain's politics and values, but I think it is difficult to deny him the proper respect as a Veteran of the United States military.

To that particular commenter, all I have to say is do your research first, them come back and we'll see what you have to say about John McCain's "barely liftable" arms.
Dear Redskins,

Welcome back, boys! I've been counting down the days until your return since January. But, last night was rough. Really rough. There are a lot of things to be learned from it, and you have until NEXT Sunday to learn them. Chalk it up to whatever you want, National TV opening night jitters, playing the SuperBowl Champs at their home stadium, that unfortunate sack during our first possession, new regime, injuries...there are plenty of reasons. It's ok. It was the first game, these things happen. It probably won't be a deal-breaker in the end, and we can all gloat when the Giants suffer their first loss, because let's face it, they're nothing special. Eli made plenty of mistakes last night too.

SO, whatever that was bothering you last night, just shake it off. Take a few minutes to collect your thoughts, and then get back to work. We ended on a good note last year, and the whole community was oh-so-proud of you for making it to the playoffs. Let's go even farther this year, dare I say, to the Superbowl?

What made last night even worse was when my fresh nyc implant of a brother (who hasn't even decided if he wants to be a Giants fan or a Jets fan...) IMed me to gloat about the loss. I'm looking forward to rubbing it in his face next time. You know you want to, too.

In conclusion, I'm going to erase last night from my memory, and pretend like September 14 is really opening night. I'll consider it a fluke. I'm pumped for the season, and I know that next week the Rams will wish they'd only come to Washington to see the Monuments.

Looking forward to seeing you in person sometime this season!

Devoted Fan Ohmygoshi
I've only had class 3 days so far since the start of the semester. And on two of those days, I had substitute professors. That's amusing to me seeing as that's NEVER happened to me before.

Anywho...it's my turn to do some subbing, so head over to Dr. Bolte to see my thoughts on the fall lineup! God, I love good tv!
A new friend introduced me to this song and video. I've been obsessed with it ever since.