Today's post comes from one of my favorite favorite bloggers, Chickbug. She's created her own little community, with highlights on everything from politics to beauty tips. Check her out!

While ohmygoshi is enjoying her Forced Family Fun (love that term, by the way), I'd like to discuss the ultimate girly topic….weddings. It is pretty regular topic over at chickbug. Being in your 20's is like a jail sentence of endless weddings. Don't get my wrong, I love a good wedding…but there are parts of the wedding tradition that make me cringe a little.

More specifically, the garter belt.

You all know what I'm talking about. That joyous moment where your husband sticks his head up your dress (in front of your closest family and friends) and pulls out the scrunchy, opps, i mean garter belt, around your thigh.

And, if it couldn't get any worse, you have to embarrass a poor single girl, as some random guy puts his hands all over her leg and slips the garter belt onto her.

I've been to plenty of weddings. And whenever I witness this tradition I can't help but feeling a little grossed out. But everyone does it! Why?!

Who even wears a garter belt anymore? It is just a tool to make you self-conscious of how fat your thighs are.

At my wedding, there will be no garter belt event. I don't even plan on throwing the bouquet. Don't get my started on that. Another opportunity to embarrass your single friends. It's like the official "I feel sorry for all you ladies because you don't have a husband yet" activity.

Maybe I'm just bitter.

What do you think? Garter belt: yes or no? Any wedding traditions you could do without?
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12 Responses
  1. lol. i definitly think its gross. i didnt even have a wedding! we just had a party afterwards.

  2. Erica Says:

    I think it is so tacky and refused to do the garter belt/bouquet toss at my wedding. I did wear a garter (my hubby thought it was sexy) but no one saw it but him. Sorry, but I refuse to hike my dress up, have my husband crawl around between my legs in front of my grandmother, and then call out and embarrass our single friends for the sake of entertainment. I always dreaded it as a single gal and didn't want to be THAT bride.

    4 months before our wedding (to the day) one of hubby's best friends got married and we were both in their wedding. They skipped the tosses and opted to hand over the bouquet and garter to us and have us dance in front of everyone. Slightly embarrassing, but a sweet congratulatory gesture to say "you're next." Other friends did the same for some expectant parents in our group. I think stuff like this is fine.

    Please ladies - these hot single girls are your friends - don't stomp on their already wedding-sensitive feelings.

  3. Mandy Says:

    I whole-heartedly hate the garter thing with a passion. Its embarassing to the bride, her family, and most of the guests. I think its tasteless, as well as when the bride and groom are feeding each other the cake and they smash it all over each other. For me the best part about weddings are the open bar, makes the whole thing more tolerable. :-)g

  4. Anonymous Says:

    It's always so embarrassing to be singled out as the "singles" especially when the wedding is small and the other "singles" are teenie boppers... urgh

  5. LindzML Says:

    I caught the bouquet at the last wedding I was at (with my boyfriend and his family...it was their friends' wedding). They opted for a dance instead, since the guy who caught the garter was in highschool, which would have made anything exceedingly awkward (and little illegal). I say...away with the awkwardness, a funny dance is better.

  6. Katie Says:

    I agree. I always feel intensely uncomfortable during both activities. Especially when I'm forced to stand there during the tossing of the bouquet. It's like I'm being forced to proclaim, "I am so desperate to get married that I'll stand and participate in this outmoded superstition, which I don't believe in, so that I can be the next to get married." It makes me cringe.

    Also, shoving the cake in the face must go. For a very few couples its cute, but mostly it seems passive aggressive.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I think Erick said it best with "I refuse to hike my dress up, have my husband crawl around between my legs in front of my grandmother..."

    Would you do that at a family picnic? NO! So why if a family/friends gathering is called a "wedding," then it's ok?


  8. Anna Says:

    While I could do without the garter belt, I have to admit that I'm a sucker for the bouquet toss. However, I might mix it up and toss something else besides my bouquet (I wanna keep mine!).

  9. mc Says:

    in my opinion, the only point of the garter belt/bouquet toss is to point out who is still single at the wedding. so if that really is the only point, why not have that thing at the very beginning. at least you'll know who you can hit on once everyone has a few too many drinks and better yet, you'll know ahead of time if "that girl" (the one who is dancing on the chair sloshing her chardonnay on everyone....usually me) is single!

  10. MC Says:

    oh and chickbug...forgot to mention....fabulous post

  11. I FULLY AGREE on this! I HATE being singled out as being single at weddings. It's horrible! I will say, though, that I did catch the bouquet at my YOUNGER brother's wedding 2 years ago. I was a bridesmaid, and what can I say...after a weekend of listening to the bride talk about how she had to have all of her children before she turned 30 (gasp!), and the other bridesmaids who were mere fetuses compared to me (I was 29 and holding!), something crazy just came over me. I figured, either I'd be the next one to get married or by virtue of catching the bouquet, I'd be holding the rest of them as matrimonial hostages! Thankfully, there was nothing that required someone to put a garter on me...I would have run screaming from the reception.

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