NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! The new Harry Potter film, Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince is no longer coming out in November. Instead, they've pushed it back to NEXT JULY!


I hate Warner Brothers right now.

They think that a "summer release" will be better for the "family tentpole" rather than a Thanksgiving release. I have a couple of issues with this:
  • Half-Blood Prince is a pretty dark and scary book. You're really not going to see many parents taking their 5 year olds to it no matter when you release it.
  • You've already established the franchise as a Thanksgiving movie! It's what we do on our holiday! We see family, eat turkey, and go see Harry Potter (give or take a few slices of pie thrown in there)
  • Everyone is going to flock to the movie, no matter when you release it.
  • And congratulations WB, you've gone and pissed off the entire fanbase. The new teaser made it hard enough to wait til November, and now the wait is almost a year. Pissed off fans are not very nice, as I'm sure you will soon find out with the nasty letters filled with colorful remarks that are already en route to your offices.
BAH HUMBUG. I hate you WB.
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  1. Jamie Lovely Says:

    I hate WB for this. Its a tradition. I always go in November and they ruined it.


  2. LindzML Says:

    I'm pretty pissed, too. The only thing I AM pumped about? Getting excited when I see the teaser trailers before EVERY SINGLE MOVIE from now until then. Of course, once I hit Thanksgiving and go, "I COULD have seen it by now", I'll be singing a different tune. Maybe. It'd better be worth the wait.

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