The last guest blog comes from Lindz. For any familiar reader, you'll know she's one of my nearest and dearest friends. I've known the girl since our pre-school days. She's been doing a lot of life-contemplating and dealing with some personal loss. Here are her thoughts on life.

If you read my blog, you know I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. It happens at the end of an important time in anyone’s life: they think about…everything. I am no exception.

I was listening to the radio yesterday and ‘Secret of Life’ came on. It’s a great song, and as I was listening I said to myself, “screw the secret of life…what’s the purpose of life?”

I am, of course, very existential. So very existential that I then tripped on a crack in the sidewalk. You know, while pondering my existence. Or perhaps that particular moment had more to do with the (very strong) daiquiri I had with lunch. I don’t know.

I went through the day chewing on that little nugget, not really bothering to do much. Just…wondering. I had dinner, went out to Margaritaville with my family, and as I watched the people around us I wondered what they thought about life. Did they consider its purpose? Or were they just in the moment, eating their Cheeseburger In Paradise after a long day at Universal Studios?

I climbed into bed last night and opened up my laptop, mostly to read that birthday wishes I’d been left (you do it, too. Don’t judge me.) and instead got a message. One of my sorority sister had lost her battle to cancer earlier that day.

It was like I’d gotten punched in the stomach, reading those words. I felt awful. How could I have been celebrating my birthday, drinking my margaritas and getting presents just as my sister was dying?

I started to think about her life. About the person that she was, the way that she lived it. Even before her diagnosis, she’d always been the one to live every day like it was her last. She never bothered to make enemies, saying that she didn’t have time to be angry with people. So instead, she was friends with everyone. I never heard her say a bad thing about a single person (that’s pretty hard to find in a sorority house). She would do EVERYTHING, go to every event, whether it was a social with a fraternity that wasn’t her favorite or a sisterhood event that sounded like it might be a dud. She didn’t care. She made it fun for herself and consequently, for everyone else. She never stopped living until she was physically incapable of doing so.

And then it hit me.

The purpose of life? Is to LIVE IT.

To stop thinking and start doing. The people that spend so much time pondering waste their lives. They’re sitting inside, or maybe on a grassy hill somewhere wondering what life is really about. The people that go out and DO things? They’re the ones that have it right. So, I’m asking all of you to use Rosalynn as an example today. This is exactly what she’d say if she could:

Get up. Get off the computer. Be like Ohmygoshi, who’s at the beach with her family, enjoying the ones that she loves. Be like my little sister, who never stops doing, never stops appreciating everything around her and trying to give back to it. She is a member of every club, is the cheerleading captain, the senior class council president, on leadership councils at school and at church, plays guitar, feeds children at Ronald McDonald house, translated in Honduras during a medical mission, is in the most taxing scholastic program for highschoolers in the WORLD and still finds time to make me the best birthday present ever. Be like the millions of people that go out and do and live. Don’t get wrapped up in the minutia. In ten years, will you remember the little things? I sure don’t. You remember the big things, the big adventures…and those are the things that truly matter. Go do a big thing. You never know what tomorrow has in store. And that? For me? Is the purpose of life. I hope it is for you, too. So go have fun.

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