Today one of my close friends, Cat, took over. She's one of those people that is super cool to hang out with and not afraid to share her thoughts or how she feels. It's been an interesting 2008 for her so far, but it's been quite the adventure to experience part of it with her. It's hard to believe I've only known her for less than a year!

Perspective is everything. One man's worst month is another man's time to learn and grow. It's a matter of choice whether you decide to take bad situations and turn them into positive lessons, or conversely mold them to be obstacles in your path that slow you down. People create their lives more than they would like to admit sometimes. We put ourselves is dangerous situations, we perpetuate drama, and we thrive on change. Sometimes appear to be easier when they stay the same, but I would argue that most people are more stimulated and, perhaps unknowingly, satisfied when things are constantly changing.

I don't want to be another person who lives their life never being able to keep a promise to that part of yourself that makes goals with a mind of steady rationale, the part of your mind that asks you indirectly to make a promise while emotions, desires, and cravings are far at bay. Sometimes, I don't believe that we as humans are incapable of waiving our fleeting impulses and humoring our more sensible selves. Really, what valid excuse do we have not to? I believe that if I asked that irrational possession to sit with me and discuss for an hour the valid justification behind those decisions, she couldn't come up with them.

Most of the time, the answers are so simple that we can't see it. The choices we make for our short-term selves reflect nothing of what we want for our long-term self, but we choose it nonetheless. Is this a subconscious push to force us to learn? To allow ourselves to take the chances that inevitably evolves us from naivety to wisdom? Surely if we made these choices for conservatism and preservation we would not evolve socially, spiritually, and otherwise generally as people. I think it's important to never let the fear of possibility outweigh its curiosity and hope. You only have one life to live.

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