The plans had been set for weeks now. We were going to load our car, drive up to DC long enough to drop my stuff off and get my affairs in order, and then drive up to NYC to get my brother settled in. We eventually acquired another driver (YAY for LindzML's mom!). I love road trips, and this one was going to be quite the adventure. Two college bound kids, two moms who have been through it before, and one car packed to the brim of STUFF.

Then Mother Nature decided to present a little problem by the name of Tropical Storm Fay. This caught us so off guard. Our original plans had us leaving early Wednesday morning, except now that will be the exact moment that Fay decides to sweep through Central FL. Not to mention, we're leaving one brother, two dogs, two cats, and two mice behind because the bro has school (poor high schoolers...). This brought us into Panic Mode. We ultimately decided to try and outrun the storm by leaving a day early. By the time Fay hits Orlando, we should be long gone and damn near close to DC.

This whole thing has brought back memories of the 2004 storms. School had just started when all of a sudden we were off for another week! At the time, it was every high-school Senior's dream to have the extra time off, despite the fact we were had no power for 10 days, it was still super fun. Just as we were getting back into the swing of things, we were out for another few days for Frances, then some more for Ivan (you know, the one that covered the ENTIRE STATE OF FLORIDA, and then let's not forget Jeanne and her little loopty loop she pulled and decided to head back to FL once it was already off the Atlantic coast. Lots of time was spent playing cards, and going to bed at around 8 because with no power, there was nothing better to do, and it was the only escape from the awful Florida heat and humidity. Eventually, hurricane season ended and we were able to have a somewhat normal year. But I definitely attribute those storms to bringing our class closer together as we gathered for game nights on our unexpected breaks.

My brother has done very little in his preparation for freshman year. Probably because he knows Mommy will take care of it, and if she doesn't, than I will. We had to force him to pack and get things together. We shopped without him, packed for him, sorted clothes without him, and finally, loaded the car without him. He decided around 12:30 that he was going to call it a night, leaving ME to do the rest. He claimed he had all his things in the car, ready to go. HAHA. More like, Ohmygoshi had to load his suitcase into the car, and then figure out how to REARRANGE things to fit (still working on that one btw. Sacrifices are going to have to be made here...). I've managed to fit our boxes, and our suitcases in. Except, oh wait, there are still two more suitcases to go, and we have about -5 cubic feet to spare. Things are stacked as high as they will go without limiting the driver's ability to see out the back. Clothes are squished and squeezed in between and our truck is overflowing with items.

I've already decided that my big armchair pillow will have to sit this trip out. Luckily they're only $20 at Bed, Bath & Beyond, and I have those nifty 20% coupons just itching to be spent. We're leaving in about 4 hours, and I still have to rearrange the car to make sure everything will fit.

I'm stressed to say the least. By the time most of you read this, we'll hopefully be somewhere in Georgia or South Carolina. I'll be giving off random tweets to let everyone know we're still alive, and haven't suffocated or killed each other yet.

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  1. chickbug Says:

    this sounds horrible but totally fun! i love road trips...and nothing is better then going back to school. i miss it!

  2. drbolte Says:

    travel safely!

    did you find a roommate?

  3. Ben Says:

    That's scary stuff. Hang in there and stay safe!

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