So, it's come time for the annual Ohmygoshi Family Vacation. This year we're taking off to the Gulf of Mexico to enjoy some white sands and clear water (hopefully). I've taken advantage of this opportunity to snag some of my favorite bloggers to come in and sub for me for a few days!

Play nice, kiddies. I'll be back on Friday with a fabulous tan, a belly full of lovely frozen cocktails, and some of my favorite stories from the week that can only happen when you shove the four of us into a tiny hotel room for five consecutive days.

My favorite way to describe it is how Lindz does, Forced Family Fun. Keep a look out for random tweet updates!
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  1. LindzML Says:

    Yay for F cubed! The stuff today included (of course) the requisite Dedman Family Shanghai. No worries. You'll hear all about it.

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