Last night, in between watching Phelps win yet another gold medal and the US take Silver in the Ladies Team Gymnastics event, I saw this commercial. It's probably one of my favorite commercials, simply for it's fun value. Definitely took me in and made me go straight to the Target website. Plus, I love the song! My goal in life right now is to be part of the team that comes up with the creative ideas that make up commercials like this. Such fun!

I also think this is a sign of my major So You Think You Can Dance withdrawl...

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  1. drbolte Says:

    so, i swear to you, i just googled to see who choreographed that because i thought it looked like tabitha and napoleon.

    or maybe i just wanted it to be them because i hearts them.

  2. OMG i so love this commercial too. it made me want to go back to college and get a new roommate just so we could dance around our room like graceful robots all while reflecting our true styles through target's college decor line. haha, can you tell i really truly thought this through?

  3. Tiffany Says:

    I love it too! lol
    I'm graduating in December with a degree in Journalism (Strat Comm), and I'd love to be on the creative development team and be a part of making such fun, effective advertisements.

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