I'm back from my family vacay, I have lots of good stuff to share. First and foremost, a great big thanks to my guest bloggers! I loved reading all your contributions, and it gave me an extra thing to look forward to in the mornings! The weather was fabulous, the water was AH-mazing, and the drinks were delicious. While I'm on that subject, I will add that consuming a disturbing amount of sangria/wine on your last night, is probably not the best idea.


I am the one who got drunk on her family vacation. But in my defense, it was my mom who said she didn't think I could drink the box of wine. I had to prove her wrong. I also managed to win the game of poker we had going on...I don't remember much of that game, but I do remember that my final hand was a full house, and I totally rocked.

What I don't remember is the massive amounts of drunk texts I sent (oops! Sorry guys!) or if I clicked "send" on that message to an ex that I really shouldn't have typed out. (THANK GOD I had enough sense to click "cancel" instead). I'm apparently a very nice drunk, and said some things to my brothers that pretty much made my mom cry tears o joy. Odd, I know, but we're an odd family like that.

It got me thinking, they say that the truth comes out when you're drunk because that alcohol is that magic switch for the filter in your brain. I would like to be best friends with my brothers. They are (semi)cool kids, and offer different perspectives to my views in life. They'll also always be there, so I might as well try and become bff with them, if for no other reason than to make the time more enjoyable. We're all older now, so our fights are more focused on personality issues than they are over sharing toys. My one brother is about to journey up to NYC for school, and going through the whole process brings back all those great memories of freshman year for me. And I hope hope hope he gets to have the same experiences and great times that I did.

He's the exact opposite of everything that I am. He feels things on a much deeper level than anyone else in the family, and as a result, he feels very misunderstood. Part of that is true, it's very hard for the rest of us to get down to his level of emotions. But he's also stubborn, and refuses to change his mind once it's been made up. I look at pictures from when we were kids, and he was such a happy, bubbly kid. Part of me is afraid that I messed him up with my stupid older sibling-ness.

I feel that college is when you start to mature the most. You're nowhere near the person you were when you started, and I'm both scared and excited for him. I know that he's got great things in his future, but I hope he doesn't lose himself in the big city.

Also, I'm excited for me. I now have a FABULOUS reason to go to NYC more often and indulge in the shopping and shows the opportunity to have quality bonding time with my brother.
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  1. chickbug Says:

    i love how drinking = clarity. =)

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