I wish I had something great to put here. I wish I had something really thought-provoking, something that will really make you think. But, I don't.

The truth is, I've been really lonely lately. I still haven't found a roommate, and while I appreciate the fact that I don't have to share my space with anyone, it's made me realize how non attractive my apartment is. On top of that, I'm worried about how to pay rent. I definitely can't afford to pay it on my own. I would move, but I don't have a car, and it's as close to campus as I can get without living on campus.

As if I'm not stressed enough about my living situation, tonight I got a notification that the check submitted for my rent was returned due to insufficient funds. Except, wait for it, I didn't pay the rent, my former roommate did. This is the second time he's done this. And now he's moved out, and I'm up shit creek all by my lonesome. I called him in a fury and told him to take care of it, and the extra expenses on top of it. The rule here is that after two returned checks, you're no longer allowed to pay by personal check, only certified. I'm going to attempt to explain to them that it was my roommate's fault, and his checks, and since he's moved out, I should no longer be penalized for it. We'll see how it goes.

If it doesn't go well, expect my mood to plummet in the next 24 hours.
As I stepped up on the desk to climb onto my brother's top bunk bed, I was suddenly hit with an intense feeling of deja vu. It seems impossible that only three short years ago, I was climbing up onto my own lofted bed for the first time. This past weekend was quite the emotional experience for me. We arrived in NYC around 10am and found his building. There were a slew of returning students outside ready to help with all the move-in needs. We'd already brought our own team of family members and we quickly loaded the trolley with my brother's box and luggage.

His one bedroom apartment is small, but considered luxiorious by NYC standards. He lives right around the corner from The Empire State Building (seriously, he's practically in Herald Square. The girls' apartment building IS next door to the ESB). While my brother chatted it up with his new roommates, my mom, aunt, uncle, and myself all busied ourselves in his room unpacking and making his bed for him.

Later, we wandered the streets, up and down the avenues, looking for various things for his apartment. We stopped in a Pink Berry to re-energize. It was then that I suddenly felt excitement, sadness, fear, and jealousy all at the same time. My brother is going to have the time of his life there. He's got New York City as his playground, and a school that is going to do so many great things for him, it was a definite God thing that he ended up where he's at. As I watched him make friends with his roommates and fellow students, I remembered my own freshman experiences. The memories I made that year will last a lifetime, even if the friendships didn't. My heart ached a little for those people that are no longer in my life. I watched, wondering who out of the bunch would become the "best friend" and who would be the sloppy one, the quiet one, and so forth. I wondered about their futures, and thought about the things they will go through their freshman year.

There is no other experience like going away to college for the first time. A newfound freedom that can't be matched in any way. It's that transitional period between childhood and adulthood, in which you meet new people, and discover new things. The rush of excitement that comes from living away from home, the fear of conquering a new city, the responsibility of going to class whne you don't have anyone there to make you.

All my life, I've been waiting and waiting to be a "big kid" and have a career and life outside of traditional schooling. And now, here I am, on the verge of being in the real world, at the beginning of my senior year of college, and all I want is to be a freshman again. It was the best year of my life, and I want to do it all over again. Life was simple, and my biggest worries were about if I wanted to make the effort to get to my 8:30 class. Everything else was pushed aside to be "thought about in a few years".

My brother is already having an amazing time. Today, they were on a scavenger hunt through the city! He'll wake up in the heart of the city that never sleeps, and experience it day-to-day. He will master the subway system, and learn to deal with the millions of tourists and their maps. All the while, slowly making that step into the big kid world.

My only hope for him is that he savors every moment of it. Because before he knows it he'll be looking back, as he watches our youngest brother unpack for his freshman year, wondering where the time went.
Hi! I've been running all over DC trying to acquire new furniture and whatnot. Then today we drove to NYC to start to move my brother in for school (!!!). I'm not sure about my internet connection for the next few days, but I promise an update is coming soon! I've got a couple of things on my mind and I'd like to spill them here. :)
The plans had been set for weeks now. We were going to load our car, drive up to DC long enough to drop my stuff off and get my affairs in order, and then drive up to NYC to get my brother settled in. We eventually acquired another driver (YAY for LindzML's mom!). I love road trips, and this one was going to be quite the adventure. Two college bound kids, two moms who have been through it before, and one car packed to the brim of STUFF.

Then Mother Nature decided to present a little problem by the name of Tropical Storm Fay. This caught us so off guard. Our original plans had us leaving early Wednesday morning, except now that will be the exact moment that Fay decides to sweep through Central FL. Not to mention, we're leaving one brother, two dogs, two cats, and two mice behind because the bro has school (poor high schoolers...). This brought us into Panic Mode. We ultimately decided to try and outrun the storm by leaving a day early. By the time Fay hits Orlando, we should be long gone and damn near close to DC.

This whole thing has brought back memories of the 2004 storms. School had just started when all of a sudden we were off for another week! At the time, it was every high-school Senior's dream to have the extra time off, despite the fact we were had no power for 10 days, it was still super fun. Just as we were getting back into the swing of things, we were out for another few days for Frances, then some more for Ivan (you know, the one that covered the ENTIRE STATE OF FLORIDA, and then let's not forget Jeanne and her little loopty loop she pulled and decided to head back to FL once it was already off the Atlantic coast. Lots of time was spent playing cards, and going to bed at around 8 because with no power, there was nothing better to do, and it was the only escape from the awful Florida heat and humidity. Eventually, hurricane season ended and we were able to have a somewhat normal year. But I definitely attribute those storms to bringing our class closer together as we gathered for game nights on our unexpected breaks.

My brother has done very little in his preparation for freshman year. Probably because he knows Mommy will take care of it, and if she doesn't, than I will. We had to force him to pack and get things together. We shopped without him, packed for him, sorted clothes without him, and finally, loaded the car without him. He decided around 12:30 that he was going to call it a night, leaving ME to do the rest. He claimed he had all his things in the car, ready to go. HAHA. More like, Ohmygoshi had to load his suitcase into the car, and then figure out how to REARRANGE things to fit (still working on that one btw. Sacrifices are going to have to be made here...). I've managed to fit our boxes, and our suitcases in. Except, oh wait, there are still two more suitcases to go, and we have about -5 cubic feet to spare. Things are stacked as high as they will go without limiting the driver's ability to see out the back. Clothes are squished and squeezed in between and our truck is overflowing with items.

I've already decided that my big armchair pillow will have to sit this trip out. Luckily they're only $20 at Bed, Bath & Beyond, and I have those nifty 20% coupons just itching to be spent. We're leaving in about 4 hours, and I still have to rearrange the car to make sure everything will fit.

I'm stressed to say the least. By the time most of you read this, we'll hopefully be somewhere in Georgia or South Carolina. I'll be giving off random tweets to let everyone know we're still alive, and haven't suffocated or killed each other yet.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! The new Harry Potter film, Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince is no longer coming out in November. Instead, they've pushed it back to NEXT JULY!


I hate Warner Brothers right now.

They think that a "summer release" will be better for the "family tentpole" rather than a Thanksgiving release. I have a couple of issues with this:
  • Half-Blood Prince is a pretty dark and scary book. You're really not going to see many parents taking their 5 year olds to it no matter when you release it.
  • You've already established the franchise as a Thanksgiving movie! It's what we do on our holiday! We see family, eat turkey, and go see Harry Potter (give or take a few slices of pie thrown in there)
  • Everyone is going to flock to the movie, no matter when you release it.
  • And congratulations WB, you've gone and pissed off the entire fanbase. The new teaser made it hard enough to wait til November, and now the wait is almost a year. Pissed off fans are not very nice, as I'm sure you will soon find out with the nasty letters filled with colorful remarks that are already en route to your offices.
BAH HUMBUG. I hate you WB.
Last night, in between watching Phelps win yet another gold medal and the US take Silver in the Ladies Team Gymnastics event, I saw this commercial. It's probably one of my favorite commercials, simply for it's fun value. Definitely took me in and made me go straight to the Target website. Plus, I love the song! My goal in life right now is to be part of the team that comes up with the creative ideas that make up commercials like this. Such fun!

I also think this is a sign of my major So You Think You Can Dance withdrawl...

I've been very stressed lately. As of this moment, I have no roommate, no internship, no sofa, no dining table, and a very large rent to pay.

I've had a couple of leads for a potential roommate, but so far, none of them have gone anywhere. We exchange a few emails, and I get really excited, and then I never hear from them again. It's a little disheartening actually. What am I doing wrong that's turning these people off?! Of course, that's a silly question, because I've never met any of them before, and they've probably just found better places to live. But still...it hurts. I've got a little more than a week til I move back and I'd like to have a roommate secured by then. It's difficult when I live in the most expensive neighborhood in the district. Nobody wants to pay the astronomical prices for an apartment, trust me, I don't either. But I HAVE to find a roommate, there's just no question. I'm nowhere near prepared to have to move out and find another place to live, that would just cause so much more stress in my life.

Trusting and having faith is very difficult for me. I like to be in complete control, even though I know I never am. I have to constantly remind myself that God is in control, and only Him. I know that eventually, things will work out. Either I'll find somewhere else to live, or I'll find a roommate. One of the two. I'd just prefer it to be the latter

I've been stalking Craigslist like crazy. It's always open, and I'm always on the lookout for different furniture items, and people who need housing. I was talking to a friend about this, and he said that Craigslist was just like an online garage sale. To which I said, "Exactly, except I don't have to continue to get in and out of my car in the summer heat. Instead, I can look at sit in the air conditioning and not have to worry about insulting the owners when I make faces at the hideous things they're trying to sell." I see a lot of IKEA stuff on Craigslist. In fact, all my apartment bedroom furniture is Craiglisted IKEA products. New IKEA furniture can be so damn overpriced sometimes! Is it really necessary to charge $200 for a piece of wood with fabric attached and call it a "chair"? I don't think so. Or how about $90 for a big wood box. And $450 for a big wood box with doors?! Oh wait, it's brown. That makes all the difference. I see it now.

I'm in a peachy mood.

My Gmail is another thing that's always open, so that I can see it immediately when I get a response from one the 14,623 emails I've sent. It bugs me that I respond with lightening speed, and others take 14 hours to send a one lined response. It's almost like they have real lives to attend to or something. It also bugs me that I can't link my Gmail accounts. Like everyone else, I have separate "professional" and "play" accounts. I like to keep my "professional" one open all the time, but all my blogs on my Reader are on my "play" account. So after I've stared at the inbox for an hour and nothing new has come in, and I've exhausted every corner of Craigslist and facebook is boring me to death, I like to check my reader for new blog updates from my favorites. Except I have to log out of the professional account to check the other one, and WHAT IF SOMEONE EMAILS ME AND I'M 5 MINUTES LATE CHECKING IT?! This could be the difference between a life on the streets or in my cozy overpriced apartment! This thought process usually subsides as soon as I start sifting through my reader and I'm distracted by other people's thoughts. But then I remember. And I rush back to the other account. And then I'm disappointed because there's nothing there. It's a vicious cycle.

Whatever, I'm calling it a night, folks. Maybe tomorrow will be better.
I'm back from my family vacay, I have lots of good stuff to share. First and foremost, a great big thanks to my guest bloggers! I loved reading all your contributions, and it gave me an extra thing to look forward to in the mornings! The weather was fabulous, the water was AH-mazing, and the drinks were delicious. While I'm on that subject, I will add that consuming a disturbing amount of sangria/wine on your last night, is probably not the best idea.


I am the one who got drunk on her family vacation. But in my defense, it was my mom who said she didn't think I could drink the box of wine. I had to prove her wrong. I also managed to win the game of poker we had going on...I don't remember much of that game, but I do remember that my final hand was a full house, and I totally rocked.

What I don't remember is the massive amounts of drunk texts I sent (oops! Sorry guys!) or if I clicked "send" on that message to an ex that I really shouldn't have typed out. (THANK GOD I had enough sense to click "cancel" instead). I'm apparently a very nice drunk, and said some things to my brothers that pretty much made my mom cry tears o joy. Odd, I know, but we're an odd family like that.

It got me thinking, they say that the truth comes out when you're drunk because that alcohol is that magic switch for the filter in your brain. I would like to be best friends with my brothers. They are (semi)cool kids, and offer different perspectives to my views in life. They'll also always be there, so I might as well try and become bff with them, if for no other reason than to make the time more enjoyable. We're all older now, so our fights are more focused on personality issues than they are over sharing toys. My one brother is about to journey up to NYC for school, and going through the whole process brings back all those great memories of freshman year for me. And I hope hope hope he gets to have the same experiences and great times that I did.

He's the exact opposite of everything that I am. He feels things on a much deeper level than anyone else in the family, and as a result, he feels very misunderstood. Part of that is true, it's very hard for the rest of us to get down to his level of emotions. But he's also stubborn, and refuses to change his mind once it's been made up. I look at pictures from when we were kids, and he was such a happy, bubbly kid. Part of me is afraid that I messed him up with my stupid older sibling-ness.

I feel that college is when you start to mature the most. You're nowhere near the person you were when you started, and I'm both scared and excited for him. I know that he's got great things in his future, but I hope he doesn't lose himself in the big city.

Also, I'm excited for me. I now have a FABULOUS reason to go to NYC more often and indulge in the shopping and shows the opportunity to have quality bonding time with my brother.

The last guest blog comes from Lindz. For any familiar reader, you'll know she's one of my nearest and dearest friends. I've known the girl since our pre-school days. She's been doing a lot of life-contemplating and dealing with some personal loss. Here are her thoughts on life.

If you read my blog, you know I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. It happens at the end of an important time in anyone’s life: they think about…everything. I am no exception.

I was listening to the radio yesterday and ‘Secret of Life’ came on. It’s a great song, and as I was listening I said to myself, “screw the secret of life…what’s the purpose of life?”

I am, of course, very existential. So very existential that I then tripped on a crack in the sidewalk. You know, while pondering my existence. Or perhaps that particular moment had more to do with the (very strong) daiquiri I had with lunch. I don’t know.

I went through the day chewing on that little nugget, not really bothering to do much. Just…wondering. I had dinner, went out to Margaritaville with my family, and as I watched the people around us I wondered what they thought about life. Did they consider its purpose? Or were they just in the moment, eating their Cheeseburger In Paradise after a long day at Universal Studios?

I climbed into bed last night and opened up my laptop, mostly to read that birthday wishes I’d been left (you do it, too. Don’t judge me.) and instead got a message. One of my sorority sister had lost her battle to cancer earlier that day.

It was like I’d gotten punched in the stomach, reading those words. I felt awful. How could I have been celebrating my birthday, drinking my margaritas and getting presents just as my sister was dying?

I started to think about her life. About the person that she was, the way that she lived it. Even before her diagnosis, she’d always been the one to live every day like it was her last. She never bothered to make enemies, saying that she didn’t have time to be angry with people. So instead, she was friends with everyone. I never heard her say a bad thing about a single person (that’s pretty hard to find in a sorority house). She would do EVERYTHING, go to every event, whether it was a social with a fraternity that wasn’t her favorite or a sisterhood event that sounded like it might be a dud. She didn’t care. She made it fun for herself and consequently, for everyone else. She never stopped living until she was physically incapable of doing so.

And then it hit me.

The purpose of life? Is to LIVE IT.

To stop thinking and start doing. The people that spend so much time pondering waste their lives. They’re sitting inside, or maybe on a grassy hill somewhere wondering what life is really about. The people that go out and DO things? They’re the ones that have it right. So, I’m asking all of you to use Rosalynn as an example today. This is exactly what she’d say if she could:

Get up. Get off the computer. Be like Ohmygoshi, who’s at the beach with her family, enjoying the ones that she loves. Be like my little sister, who never stops doing, never stops appreciating everything around her and trying to give back to it. She is a member of every club, is the cheerleading captain, the senior class council president, on leadership councils at school and at church, plays guitar, feeds children at Ronald McDonald house, translated in Honduras during a medical mission, is in the most taxing scholastic program for highschoolers in the WORLD and still finds time to make me the best birthday present ever. Be like the millions of people that go out and do and live. Don’t get wrapped up in the minutia. In ten years, will you remember the little things? I sure don’t. You remember the big things, the big adventures…and those are the things that truly matter. Go do a big thing. You never know what tomorrow has in store. And that? For me? Is the purpose of life. I hope it is for you, too. So go have fun.

Dr. Bolte graciously took time out of her busy dissertation-writing schedule (BRILLIANCE is not for those who have nothing to do) to write a guest blog for me today. She's on the top of my list of "bloggers I want to meet in real-life". She was one of Lindz's English profs last year, so you KNOW she's got good stuff to say. By the power vested in Facebook, we were declared friends, and it's been bliss ever since. :)

what did you want to be when you grew up?

you know, before all of the things that tell us what we should be or what we can't be get in the way of what we really want to be? did you want to be a fairy princess, a fireman, a race car driver, a super star? ladies, did you put a towel on your head and pretend to be a bride? guys, did you grab a wrapping paper tube and pretend to fight evil using a lightsaber and your powerful connection to the Force?

did you believe that you could do it?

when i was little, i had lots of dreams. when i was in fourth grade, i wanted to be a criminal defense attorney. i watched Matlock with my grandparents every monday night while my mom went to college at night, and all i saw was that Matlock saved the world every week. i wanted to do that too. i also wanted to be a hairdresser, a grocery store checkout girl, and a receptionist at a doctor's office.

(i actually did one of those. i'll let you guess which.)

i love kids. i love how they believe that they can do everything and anything. i love that they don't listen to you when you tell them that those paper wings they made won't let them fly. i love that they take everything on faith. i love that they believe in themselves completely.

think back. when you wanted to be a princess, or a fireman, or a superstar, or when you were battling the forces of darkness or preparing to walk down the aisle to some imagined wedding march, it never once occurred to you that you didn't belong there. that somehow you weren't pretty enough to be a princess, powerful enough to fight off Lord Vader, or amazing enough to be someone's bride.

of course it didn't.

because when we were kids, we believed in magic. fairies could be brought back to life with applause. imaginary friends made the best company. the most exciting stories were the ones that we made up ourselves. the greatest adventures were the kind that happened when our neighborhood transcended the everyday and became the playground of our imaginations.

but the greatest magic we believed in was the magic within us.

somehow, that fades quickly when we grow. we shoot up a couple of inches and gain a few more doubts. by the time we're all adults, we listen to the doubtful voices--the ones that tell us our limits instead of our potential, all of the ways in which we don't measure up.


why do we do that?

i want to believe in magic again. every christmas i so desperately want to believe in santa claus. i watch miracle on 34th street and the santa clause a million times because i hope that maybe, just maybe, it's all true. there's something intoxicating about that concept of magic. but, really, more than anything, i want to believe in the kind of magic that makes me comfortably belong in all of those dreams that i hold in the secret part of my heart.

i need my paper wings to hold me while i take giant leaps of faith.

some days, i really think they will.

do you believe yours can?

Today one of my close friends, Cat, took over. She's one of those people that is super cool to hang out with and not afraid to share her thoughts or how she feels. It's been an interesting 2008 for her so far, but it's been quite the adventure to experience part of it with her. It's hard to believe I've only known her for less than a year!

Perspective is everything. One man's worst month is another man's time to learn and grow. It's a matter of choice whether you decide to take bad situations and turn them into positive lessons, or conversely mold them to be obstacles in your path that slow you down. People create their lives more than they would like to admit sometimes. We put ourselves is dangerous situations, we perpetuate drama, and we thrive on change. Sometimes appear to be easier when they stay the same, but I would argue that most people are more stimulated and, perhaps unknowingly, satisfied when things are constantly changing.

I don't want to be another person who lives their life never being able to keep a promise to that part of yourself that makes goals with a mind of steady rationale, the part of your mind that asks you indirectly to make a promise while emotions, desires, and cravings are far at bay. Sometimes, I don't believe that we as humans are incapable of waiving our fleeting impulses and humoring our more sensible selves. Really, what valid excuse do we have not to? I believe that if I asked that irrational possession to sit with me and discuss for an hour the valid justification behind those decisions, she couldn't come up with them.

Most of the time, the answers are so simple that we can't see it. The choices we make for our short-term selves reflect nothing of what we want for our long-term self, but we choose it nonetheless. Is this a subconscious push to force us to learn? To allow ourselves to take the chances that inevitably evolves us from naivety to wisdom? Surely if we made these choices for conservatism and preservation we would not evolve socially, spiritually, and otherwise generally as people. I think it's important to never let the fear of possibility outweigh its curiosity and hope. You only have one life to live.


Today's post comes from one of my favorite favorite bloggers, Chickbug. She's created her own little community, with highlights on everything from politics to beauty tips. Check her out!

While ohmygoshi is enjoying her Forced Family Fun (love that term, by the way), I'd like to discuss the ultimate girly topic….weddings. It is pretty regular topic over at chickbug. Being in your 20's is like a jail sentence of endless weddings. Don't get my wrong, I love a good wedding…but there are parts of the wedding tradition that make me cringe a little.

More specifically, the garter belt.

You all know what I'm talking about. That joyous moment where your husband sticks his head up your dress (in front of your closest family and friends) and pulls out the scrunchy, opps, i mean garter belt, around your thigh.

And, if it couldn't get any worse, you have to embarrass a poor single girl, as some random guy puts his hands all over her leg and slips the garter belt onto her.

I've been to plenty of weddings. And whenever I witness this tradition I can't help but feeling a little grossed out. But everyone does it! Why?!

Who even wears a garter belt anymore? It is just a tool to make you self-conscious of how fat your thighs are.

At my wedding, there will be no garter belt event. I don't even plan on throwing the bouquet. Don't get my started on that. Another opportunity to embarrass your single friends. It's like the official "I feel sorry for all you ladies because you don't have a husband yet" activity.

Maybe I'm just bitter.

What do you think? Garter belt: yes or no? Any wedding traditions you could do without?
So, it's come time for the annual Ohmygoshi Family Vacation. This year we're taking off to the Gulf of Mexico to enjoy some white sands and clear water (hopefully). I've taken advantage of this opportunity to snag some of my favorite bloggers to come in and sub for me for a few days!

Play nice, kiddies. I'll be back on Friday with a fabulous tan, a belly full of lovely frozen cocktails, and some of my favorite stories from the week that can only happen when you shove the four of us into a tiny hotel room for five consecutive days.

My favorite way to describe it is how Lindz does, Forced Family Fun. Keep a look out for random tweet updates!
You know that great feeling when you find a $20 bill unexpectedly? I used to leave money in my pockets all the time. It was like a mini surprise every time I put my hand in my back pocket. I'll occasionally find a dollar here and there. I've had the exact opposite happen to me once too. In Rome, I was on my way out for the night, and I lost 50 euro. That's like...$75 USD! Talk about a buzz kill.

Well today, I was going through my desk drawer, trying to get rid of some stuff crap I have in there, and there it is just poking out between two pieces of paper.

Not a $5.

Not a $10.

Not even a $20.

It was a $50!

I don't know where it came from, or for how long it's been in my drawer just waiting for me to come find it. Forget a "mini surprise", it's a full-blown holiday!
I'm on the search for a new roommate. My current roomie is movin' out to a place closer to the Hill. I always get anxious when it comes to roommates. My freshman year, I lucked out. She was an exchange student from South Korea, and she ROCKED. I was the typical super excited freshman, and I even called her once before we got to school. Because I'm awesome like that. She was so sweet, and once spent 40 minutes in Chanel trying to decide if she wanted to spend the $400 on a new purse or go on a trip to Japan with her boyfriend instead (she opted for the trip to Japan, but then he broke up with her...I told her she should have bought the purse...).

Sophmore year, she elected to move off campus, and I stayed on. SO I took a random room assignment, and acquired a new roomie. That was a big mistake. Looking back, it was rude of me to pre-judge her, but still...my judgements were right. She was weird. And rude. She had no problems keeping me up late watching tv (my tv btw) but when I would start to watch something she'd say, "Um...I'm about to go to sleep" in most annoying voice ever. Here's my favorite story, after she'd kept me up super late the night before, and I had two back-to-back classes starting at 9:55 am, I was back in the room and damnit I wanted to watch some tv. She was sleeping in bed still at noon. I turned on the tv, but then turned the volume almost all the way down, we're talking like level 8 here. She wakes up and starts whining "noooo turn the tv off!!" I promptly ignored her. She eventually woke up and said to me, "YOU KNOW, if I wanted to be told when to wake up, I'D STILL LIVE AT HOME". First of all, it was almost noon, it's not like it was 8:30 am. Second of all, she practically controlled my tv every other waking moment. And finally, I got less sleep than her, because I had to wake up and go to CLASS. I yelled back, she yelled some more, and it eventually ended with me slamming the door in her face, and my friends laughing down the hall.

Good times. She was a keeper. I think it's mainly her fault that I booked it the hell off campus as soon as I could. Apartment life is awesome. No rules, no RAs to worry about...except that whole rent thing, that one really sucks. Especially living in NW DC, where rates are a bitch. Anyways, I have a couple people interested in the place, so we'll see how that goes.

On a different note, um...hello August, where did you come from? Is it just me or is 2008 ALMOST OVER? What the deuce? I'm on this train called College Life for only a few short more months, and then it all comes to a screeching halt when I'm kicked off at the REAL LIFE stop. I'm also on the hunt for a job/internship for the fall, preferably one that's paid. If any of you readers out there have a hookup in DC at a PR or ad firm, let me in on it!! I promise I'm a good worker!

I'm off to pretend to be productive today...wish me luck.