Has anyone else been feeling the slump? I don't know what's wrong with me. Maybe I just don't have anything to say anymore? Hah, my mom wishes. No, in all seriousness, I just haven't been able to find the right words to make sense of my thoughts. My life right now is pretty boring. I'm at home, not doing much of anything. At night, I either work out with my mom at the gym, or I go to yoga, it depends on the day.

Jon and Kate Plus 8
Does anyone else watch this show? I think I've talked about it before. I've been catching it more and more lately, and the little boy with the glasses is my fav (and not in a creepy kind of way). He's just simply too adorable for words. The whole dynamic of the show interests me. Life is definitely crazy in that house, but I like how the parents make such an effort to put an emphasis on the family because that's what they are and that's what they'll always be to each other. While the kids are cute now, I pity their poor parents when they are all teenagers. My mom nearly died when it was just 3 of us, and we were all different ages. Just imagine if there were six 15 year olds all at once? Oh the drama of it all...I find myself relating a lot to the twins. I can see parts of my own older sister personality in the both of them. A lot of people criticize the parents for A) having that many children and B) putting them all on television. But I find their situation to be very unique. They are by no means anything like the crazy Duggars, who purposefully keep popping out kids like bunny rabbits (That family is SO WEIRD). No, the Gosselins just had two pregnancies....that resulted in eight kids. The parents are really down to earth and it's refreshing to see that they aren't perfect, nor do they try to be. The parents snip at each other, the kids have meltdowns, and the sisters are worried about being associated with "the babies". Also, they are Christians, and the family works very hard to instill that into their lives. People are naturally curious creatures, and I think that they were very interested to see how exactly a family made up of twins and sextuplets survives. I think it's cool that they've opened up their home to give others a small glimpse of their lives.

Did anyone else have a hard Monday? Man, I didn't even do much and I was pooped. The gym totally kicked my ass tonight, the weights seemed about 10 lbs heavier than they were last week. Monday nights are always a treat though because both Weeds and The Secret Diary of A Call Girl come on. Is it sad that when I ordered my cable last year, I spent the extra money to have Showtime so I wouldn't miss Weeds? Yeah, I thought so too. Oh well. But the show is so funny, it's worth the absurd amount I pay to Directv...kinda.

Quaker Mini Ricecakes: Chocolate Drizzle
Has anyone else discovered these little bags of heaven? Oh my, if you haven't, I highly suggest you hurry up and finish reading this post, grab your keys and RUN to the grocery store to find them (they're in the ricecake/oatmeal aisle). Then come back and tell me how much I've changed your life by introducing you to them. They. Are. Amaazing. Amazing. Yeah, I said it twice. A bag contains about 20 mini cakes and they have enough chocolate drizzle on them to make them ever so tasty. Here's the best part, THEY'RE ONLY 90 CALORIES A BAG. That's so good, you could even eat two bags and still not feel guilty about it. When I die and meet St. Peter at the pearly gates, I'm going to see if I can request a room with a neverending supply of these things. If chocolate's not your style, no worries, there's mint, butter popcorn, caramel, and some other things that I never notice because I'm too focused on the chocolatey ones.

Anyways, I think the day has been long enough, I'm going to call it a night so I can wake up tomorrow and do a whole lotta nothing.

P.S. about Gev's solo last week? I might have watched it twice. Or three times. Why? because I LOVED IT THAT MUCH. That's why.
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  1. Z Says:

    I LOVE Jon&Kate Plus 8! LOVE it!!! :)

    And yeah, my Monday sucked... but at least it's now Tuesday, right?!?!

  2. chickbug Says:

    love Jon & Kate! and I was TOTALLY in a slump Sunday & Monday. started feeling better last night though...hoping it lasts.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Gosh you make those rice cakes sound good. Or maybe I'm just hungry because I need to go grocery shopping. Perhaps I will pick some up!

  4. Stephanie Says:

    I've definitley been feeling the slump. My life is so boring as of late.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I too have been in a slump this summer and watching a lot of Jon and Kate plus 8. I think it's interesting household dynamic and how else are Gosselins going to pay for them to go to college?

  6. drbolte Says:

    slump--OOOH yeah. i thik it's going around.

    jon and kate--aaden rocks. so does hannah...i think that's the girl i like. that mady girl? drives me INSANE. cara is by far underrated and will someday rule the world. and i love jon and kate's relationship because it's real.

    sytycd--i didn't watch it last week. i can't believe it. i have a class on wednesday nights, so i'm taping it tonight and watching it when i get home. i will not be denied this week!

    your post made me hungry. or it could be that i'm just hungry.

    good job...keep writing even when you have nothing to say. better than me, who just cops out and slinks away. :)

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