UUUUMMMM.....how much do i love summer? THIS FREAKING MUCH.

First, how much did Courtney rock tonight? Her hip hop was just awesomeee! I have been waiting and waiting for the judges to sing their praises for her, and man she rocked it tonight. I really liked the broadway number too. I was totally convinced they were in NYC seeing everything for the first time. I agreed with Tabitha though that I thought they should have brought it down a notch for that one section. To me, the music made me think of the couple taking an afternoon walk in Central Park, maybe after a picnic. But other than that, I loved it.

Mark and Chelsie? Kiss kiss is now my myspace song, thanks for the introduction. I don't think I could have loved that routine any more than I did. It was all the little things that really sold it for me. The *muah*s and lip smacking, it really pulled the peice together.

Mia + Katee + Joshua = amazingness. The assisted run was my favorite part. I think she was running on air. I just got into some of Adele's music, and I really like Hometown Glory. I also recommend Chasing Pavements and Best For Last. Both are fabulous songs. The only thing I didn't really like was Katee's hair, I've never really been a fan of the "poof" on top of the head. Maybe it's because I can't pull it off. Did anyone notice the ring on Katee's finger? Is she married? engaged? She looks far too young to be either. Who's got the gossip on that?

The Mia routine saved Twitchington for me. Who can't relate to having a broken heart like that? When I was going through my breakup, that song was on constant rotation on my playlist. Everything about that routine was something I could relate to. Both of them played their roles well. My favorite move was at the beginning when she was on the bed and he turned around and jumped on as she jumped off. Like she was so real he could feel her behind him. I hate heartbreak.

I'm over Kortni and Matt. And even though I really liked their routine, I think Jessica is holding Will back. 100%. They'll probably end up in the bottom 3 again. Comfort and Thayne, meh. I appreciate both of them and their respective styles, they're just not my favorites. So any of those could go and I'd be happy.

Just some random thoughts....is Cat Deeley pregnant? Does she look pregnant to anyone else? I can't make up my mind. Some weeks she does, some weeks she doesn't.

Thoughts on tonight my dear freaders??
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