COMFORT needs to GO! I'm sorry if she's your favorite and you think she is just AH-MAZING, but I, personally, can't stand her.

She looks like a really nice girl, fun to hang out with, and yadda yadda yadda, but the hard truth is she's just not up to par with the rest of the girls! For her to stay and Courtney, Chelsie or Katee to go would just be a travesty. Think about it, three out of the four got positive reviews on BOTH routines, one was ripped apart. Guess WHO.

She was kicked off once already!! She really should have been kicked off last week, but she got lucky with the hip-hop (which, btw, she's gotten like 3 times already...). Granted, homegirl can hip-hop her booty off. She knows how to work it. I was even mildly impressed with a jazz here or there in the beginning. But after that, it just falls apart. Her feet are sickled and, her arms are bent, and I'm just tired of her non technique-ness. I'm sorry, I really am. But she never should have been allowed to compete again. When Jessica dropped out, Comfort should have been brought back as a filler only. Not to compete again (plus not to mention Jessica didn't even get a "goodbye" video. I don't think we were told the entire story...fishy fishy). It's not fair that she be considered "top 8" when she didn't even make the "top 10". My jaw hit the floor last week when Kherington went home. If I were her, I would have been upset.

It just frustrates me to no end.


I did really enjoy everything else. Word to the Mia Michaels routine. My favorite of the night. I loved the funkiness and it really looked like a lot of fun. Twitch didn't have much to dance with technique wise, but it was still a great performance! And that kiss?! Definitely made me go o_O and say whoa! Who wouldn't love that routine? I really liked the incorporation of the door. I hope we see it again!

Courtney and Will's Samba was pretty hot too. I've said it before, but Courtney is awesome. I've liked her since day one. I even daresay she's better than Katee? Don't get me wrong, Katee is a great performer, she makes everything look so easy, but I don't know...I definitely enjoyed Courtney's solo more. The NappyTabs routine was cool, but not my favorite by them.

I'm not a fan of disco. at all. I think I made that clear before.

There's going to be a bottom two for both the boys and girls, and I know Mark and Comfort will be one for each. But I can't decide who the others will be. Maybe Chelsie and Joshua? Maybe Courtney? I don't know.

All I know is that I'm anxiously awaiting Comfort to be voted off...again.
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  1. Z Says:

    I'm with you on comfort. I was SHOCKED she's back and in the top 8... seems wrong. Nice girl, for sure, but definitely not the best dancer out of her own genre.

    results show tonight! i doubt she'll make it to the top 6 - right?!?!

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