Have you guys ever heard of the show MXC? How about Ninja Warrior? They're Japanese shows that involve awesome obstacle courses, and hilarious contestants.

MXC is from the 80s, and was recently brought over to the US and dubbed for pure entertainment purposes. The commentators are so funny, and the stupid things that they have dubbed over these poor Japanese people's real comments are the best part.

Ninja Warrior is similar, but is taken much more seriously in Japan. These men train for these courses and try again and again and again to finish them. I think there have been 18 "seasons" and only 3 people have actually finished all of them.

Well, this summer, ABC worked to put both of those shows into one for American audiences called Wipeout...and folks, it's AWESOME. Maybe it's the Japanese in me, or maybe I'm just an awful person and like to see people fall, but watching this show has me in tears of laughter. While MXC may be funny because of the dubbing, half the fun of Wipeout is that these people really are saying these stupid things. And of course, their wipeouts are the best. There are four rounds, and only the top scores or times from each round move on.

It's hosted by John Henson from Talk Soup and John Anderson from Sportscenter. And then Jill Wagner is on the field talking to the contestants. Ah, I wish I had her job. Just standing and watching all these people bounce off a row of huge red balls and then fall into the water...it never gets old!

The other show that has caught my interest is I Survived a Japanese Gameshow. Which is an American reality show where the contestants are put through hilarious tasks that only the Japanese could think of. This one is funny too, although a little too much American drama.

So, thank you ABC for enhancing the summer TV schedule with two new fabulously awesome game shows.

Here's a clip from the first show. The fun starts with Jen at the 1 minute 30 second mark.
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  1. Jamie Lovely Says:

    My brother watches G4 and they have marathons of Ninja Warrior on all the time. It seems so silly but you totally get caught up in watching it!

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