Like my title says, I like to steal things. Ok, not really, but I saw this on Carmen's blog, and it looked like a fun thing for Wednesday.

The rules are simple. Answer each question, plug your answer into Google Image Search, and pick a picture from the first page of images from your search results.

1. Your age on your next birthday

2. A place you'd like to travel

Hello TAHITI!! who doesn't want a little hut ON THE WATER?!

3. Your favorite place

It's actually the entire city of Rome, but you get the picture...ha ha I made a funny.
4. Your favorite object

I love taking pictures!

5. Your favorite food


6. Your favorite animal

OK, he was actually the third picture to pop up, but it was sooo adorable!

7. Your favorite color

8. The town that you were born in


9. The town where you live


10. Name of past pet

Whiskey was the name of my cat in Japan.

11. Name of past love

Oh Leo....

12. Bestfriend's nickname


13. Your screenname

This is actually a picture of mine. My screenname is pretty unique, and all my own pictures popped up.

14. Your name

15. Your middle name

It means Child of Light in Japanese

16. Your last name

Muwahahaha you'll never figure it out!

17. Bad habit of yours

18. First job

19. Name of grandmother


20. College major

It's actually Marketing, and this is the actual picture that popped up first. Google, you know me so well. I'm flattered.

I do not tag anyone, but feel free to play!
2 Responses
  1. you're not stealing, you silly! :-) I'll tag you in the next meme I get, promise, I never know who to tag because I'm new at this and I never know if people like to be tagged ;) love your pics, especially the one of the girls arm in arm. LOVE it!

    ~La Petite Belle

  2. LindzML Says:

    I LOVE THE LAST NAME ONE. And to this day, I wish you'd applied to colleges as a native american with your last name in english.

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